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What are Italy's colors on the flag?

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red, green and White
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What do the colors on Italy's flag represent?

The colors of the Italian flag represent their national colors and also symbolize their high national right to be in the world! Red, White and Green. Red: stands for the b

What do the colors in the Polands flag represent?

Accordingly to the heraldry: Polish Flag's colors shall imitate the National Emblem(White Eagle in Red field) of Poland. But, answering your question (again, accordingly to

What are the colors on the Irish flag?

Green, white and orange, arranged in 3 equal vertical bands.

How did Italy's flag become there flag?

The Italian flag is known in Italy as Bandiera d'Italia, often referred to in Italian as "Il Tricolore". It is based on the French flag and it's origins come from Napoleon Bon

What do the colors of the Bahama flag colors represent?

  The black triangle on the left represents the unity and determination of the Bahamas people. The three stripes are for areas of natural resource; two aquamarine stripes

Why is Italy's flag green white and red?

the green is green for no lore explanation, the white to separate the green and red so it doesn't look like Mexico's flag, and the red because it was napolean's fave color. na

What do the symbols on Italy's flag mean?

One explanation is that green represents hope, white represents faith and red represents charity. The Italian maritime flag has a coat of arms on it, representing the 4 seafar

What does the colors on Nigeria's flag mean?

The green stripes represent Nigeria's agriculture industry and its lush vegetation. The white stripe represents the desire for peace and unity within the country.
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What does the France flag colors stand for?

the blue color-stands 4 associated with caring the white color-stands 4 peace & honesty & 4 royalty & nobility the red color-stands 4 symbolic of the legend that the banner wa
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What does Italy's flag colors represent?

Blood ( Red, of course) Air ( white) and Soil, or agricultural potential- Green. It is maybe not just a coinicidence the running lights on ships- required by law after dark, a