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What are Medicare approved amounts for services?

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Is it Medicare fraud for a company to bill medicare more than others for the same service?

No.   What many people do not understand is that providers DO NOT  determine their own reimbursement rate. When providers decide to  join a network, for example Aetna, t

What is the 2009 Maximum Medicare withholding amount?

  per Publication 15 (Circular E) for 2009:   Social security and Medicare tax for 2009. Do not with- hold social security tax after an employee reaches $106,800

Is OmniPod insulin pump Medicare approved?

No, the OmniPods and the OmniPod Personal Diabetes Manager are not currently covered by Medicare. Only traditional pumps are covered (such as Animas, MiniMed or Disetronic pum

When is a USCG-approved PFD considered not serviceable?

Serviceability means that fastening hardware is not broken and operates correctly, the webbing or straps are not ripped torn or missing. Fabric tears have not resulted in loss
Is ambulance service covered under medicare?

Is ambulance service covered under medicare?

Yes. Medicare will cover emergency and non-emergency ambulance services if:  It is medically necessary. Meaning that an ambulance is the only safe way to transport one and t

Does Medicare pay for services performed by Home health aide?

Concerning home health services, this is directly from the Medicare and You 2009 book:   Limited to medically-necessary part-time or intermittent skilled nursing care or ph

For medicare medicaid services cms and the three divisions of cms?

There are different divisions under medicare and medicaid. Medicare is for the old and medicaid is for the poor. Medicare is for those 65 and older and for the physically disa

What are Medicare approved fees for various services?

Medicare has limits on the amount of money they will pay for specific services. When a doctor or medical facility submits a claim to Medicare, Medicare will tell the provider

Is it Medicare fraud for a company to bill commercial insurance companies a higher fee-for-service than they are billing Medicare for the same service?

Insurance companies negotiate rates for services at the best advantage to them. Companies with larger groups get the best rates becaues they have more economic leverage. Medi
How do you contact Highmark Medicare Services?
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How do you contact Highmark Medicare Services?

From Rebecca J.Hartman Re: My husband and I are READY to enroll in Highmark Medicare services as I turn 65 in March and my husband,in May. We have been to different town