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What are Saint Cecilia's symbols?

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As per the Patron Saint Index, Cecilia is represented by:
musical instruments, especially a lute or organ
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Saint Cecilia is often associated with flute, organ, roses, violin, harp, harpsichord, and singing. I think this is because this is what she is shown with in her pictures. Why exactly I'm not sure but legend has it that when she was executed, she sang to God, praising him.
the harp is her symbol due to the fact that she was the patron saint of musicians. She is also associated with items such as the pipe organ.
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What was Saint Cecilia's job?

Cecilia didn't really have an job outside of her home that we are aware of. She devoted her life to the early christian community.

How was Saint Cecilia's early life?

She was born into a rich roman family. After she was born, she was promised to marry a pagan, Valerian. On her wedding day, it is said she heard hevenly music in her heart.

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What are Saint Cecilia's miracles?

There are no miracles recorded for St. Cecilia. She was proclaimed a saint long before the official canonization process was instituted. However, in 1599 her tomb was opened