What are Sample opening remarks in a culminating activity?

A culminating activity is typically a form of assessment used by instructors to monitor student progress during a course or semester. The opening remarks in such an activity are likely to either refer to material from the beginning of the course or very material to ease the student into the assessment.
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Opening remarks in graduation day of a teacher?

Opening remarks for a graduation day given by a teacher should  reflect the past school year and the future the students have to  look forward to. They will let the graduati (MORE)

Opening remarks for a christmas party?

Some opening remarks for a Christmas party can include welcome and  season's greetings. You can also greet guests by saying Merry  Christmas.
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What Is Culminate?

  It means to result in, to reach the end of something, to arrive at some kind of outcome.
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What are examples of opening remarks?

Some examples of opening remarks are: Good afternoon. We are happy to see all of you here today to…Hello everyone. W are honored that all of you joined us to…On this wonde (MORE)

Can i have a Sample of opening remark speech for graduation in elementary?

Family, friends and loved ones, we gather here today to celebrate a very important day in our lives, the graduation of Elementary school. It has been a very special year, fill (MORE)