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What are Sarah Palin's children's names?

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  • Track (1989)
  • Trig (2008)
  • Bristol (1991)
  • Willow (1995)
  • Piper (2001)
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What do Palin's children's names mean?

  Two Sources are being used: and   From Aaron to Zoe 15,000 Great Baby Names by: Daniel Avram Richman   Willow:   BNW: Willow (itself) GBN: (G

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What do Sarah Palin's children's names mean?

I think those names are very unique, which means that Mrs. Palin thinks on her own and is not influenced by what everyone else is doing. I admire anyone who has the gumption t

What are the names of Sarah Palin's parents?

Sarah Louise Heath Palin is an American politician and author who  had served as governor of Alaska and also ran an unsuccessful  vice-presidential candidacy. She was born i

What is the story of Sarah Palin's children's unusual names?

    Bristol, Piper, Track, Willow and Trig.   Sarah Palin was a dedicated runner, so Track, her older son, was born during that sport's season. Trig Paxon, his na