What are Target's Easter Sunday hours?

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Target is closed on Easter Sunday.
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Walmart Easter Sunday hours?

Walmart is open 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. The onlyexception to this rule is Christmas Day.

What hours is Kohls open on Easter Sunday?

this all depends on where you live and what kohls you go to it may not even be open on easter sunday if you go on there website you vna probably find a store near you and find

What hours is Sears open on Easter Sunday?

It depend on what sears it is all stores open at different times aand close at different times if you went on their website you could probably find a store near you and see wh

What are Home Depot's hours on Easter Sunday?

Store hours will vary by location but most Home Depot stores are open abbreviated (fewer) hours on Easter. See the related links to find the Home Depot store closest to you.