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You can only use Club Penguin codes one time only. So this means if someone has used it and post it online, it will not work. Also it is illegal to share codes online because you must purchase them.
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Can anyone give you a club penguin card-jitsu code?

Sorry, there's no code that stays the same because the codes change every hour but this is a list of codes I know:. 1. Rockhopper. 2. Yarr. 3. Migrator. 4. Captain. 5. Treasure. 6. Iceberg. 7. Ship. 8. Pirate. That's all I know. If I have more I will tell you.. Thanks. My name on Club Pen (MORE)

What are some card jitsu power card codes?

Finding codes is taking the fast path. You can get special power card codes by purchasing Club Penguin trading cards in the store. When you buy a pack of trading cards, you'll get some unlock codes to enable special cards when you play Card-Jitsu online.

Codes for card jitsu?

go to i have crdju.com and enter this 567854. then go on codes for card jitsu.. its brill.. u gat better cards then the sensi. i beaat him. im only blue belt

How do you get card jitsu cards?

Jiu-Jitsu is an Oriental Martial art- the forerunner of Judo, and has no connection with Tarot cards. taken out of context- the phrase might mean ( knocking somebody off-balance) or ( Counterattack) which could apply to something occult like spells or hexes. I have not heard the term used. Sudoku is (MORE)

How do you upload a code for card-jitsu on clubpenguin?

buy a packet of Clubpenguin cards it has a code on the rules Step 1 : go online on www.clubpenguin.com Step 2 : click unlock items online Step 3 : type the code like for Example : Tcg2y92aq6zp9 CAPITAL LETTER AT START OR WILL NOT ACCEPT CODE!!! Step 4 : you unlcoked the cards go play ca (MORE)

Where do you get the card-jitsu cards on club penguin?

You do it by talking to the sensei who is sitting in the corner of the dojo. you can also get down to a secret ninja base but you need to be a black belt so it is very difficult. If you want the real trading cards, you can get them at Target, Toys R Us, and Wal Mart. (If there are more places (MORE)

How do you type in your Card-jitsu codes on club Penguin?

Rockhopper, Yarr, When Ye log in to Ye penguin At the top right hand corner. There will be something called "Unlock Items Online" Click on it and will bring Ye to a page that has to boes that says "I have a Book" and "I have a code." Click on I have a Code type in your code. And there Ye go!i hate (MORE)

Club Penguin card-jitsu code?

it is........................................................................................................ LOOK BELLOW THAT'S CHEATING SO I CANT TELL BECAUSE CLUB PENGUIN CAN BAN YOU

Where do you enter card jitsu codes?

You log into your penguin and then go up to the corner and it will say unlock codes online. Click it and it will take you to the site. There are two buttons: I Have a Book or I Have a Code. Click I Have a Code and type the code in and it will get it!

What is the best card in card jitsu?

It is the Rockhopper card. It's unbeatable because it is 12 water and if someone plays a snowball card it turns the snowball card to water so the worst it can do is tie/draw.

What is the codes for card jitsu?

You can't get free codes. You have to buy the actual cards and then use the code on the back of one of the cards. By the way, I hope you don't use club penguin storm! It's horrible. If you don't know what it is then I'll tell you. Storm is a glitch that's lets you copy something that a penguin says (MORE)

How do you get card jitsu codes on clubpenguin?

If you live in England you can buy card jitsu trading cards from many shops including WH Smiths and the Disney Store, each pack comes with a code to use online. But if you are in America try looking in Toys 'R' Us for them. If you cannot find any local stores near you supplying card jitsu codes then (MORE)

What is he code for card jitsu?

the code is w3rd5ety7trsf297 you spelled "the" wrong. I don't know if it's right or wrong but why do you need cheats anyway? Can't you just buy the dang cards? Jeez people. You relize now your cheaters... I'm dissapointed.

How to get card jitsu cards on club penguin?

buy them and then type the code in and then you will have the item that was on the card so If you want real cards, go to Rite Aid, Walgreen, Target, Wall mart, or Toys R Us.

Codes for card jitsu cards in club penguin?

first of all you need to go on cp and go to the dojo and click onyour cards and then press on the link which tells you how to entercodes and enter this code TCG2RNYTXP2BX7NK

How do you enter the codes on card jitsu trading cards?

OK well of course first you have to get a deck of cards. In that deck you will find a card with Sensei on it. In case you don't see that, on the other side it's blue and says Card Jitsu on it so you might be looking at that side. That side will be the card with the code on it. HOPE THIS HELPED!!

How do you get a card jitsu code card?

You can buy Card Jitsu cards from CP online store, or you can buy it from Toys R Us. You can get a golden card which immediately takes you to the next belt. However, if you're a black belt you will get new power cards (like the number 10, 11 or 12). In addition to that, there will be normal playi (MORE)

What does a club penguin card jitsu card do?

you do card jitsu matches with card jitsu cards what is you play a card and water beats firer, firer beats ice and ice beats water.If you get the same the card with a hirer number on it will win.If you have ice 7 it will still be beaten by firer 3.the lowest you can get is 3 and the top one is 12

How do you enter a card in card jitsu?

When you click play now don't in the upper right corner there will be an icon that says unlock items,click on that. Sign in like usual. Click code,and then enter the code,you'll be good to go.

Where do you activate card-jitsu cards?

You activate them by going to the Club Penguin home page, click the 'Unlock items online!' link, enter your user imformation, click 'I have a code' then enter the card-jitsu card code and you are done!

Can anyone give m e a club penguin card jitsu card code?

NOTE:this is from the person that asked this question. if you ever have a unused one please post them in my pinbord on moshimonsters (my owner name is jimmyding) or email them to luosheila@gmail.com(that email is just to disguise my true name)!!!

What is Card-Jitsu?

Card-Jitsu is a card Game played in the Dojo (and in the Ninja Hideout). To get there, players need to go to the wiki/Dojo Courtyard and enter through doors (if you are a Ninja, go to the Dojo Courtyard, hover your mouse over the protruding stone wall on the left, and click the door that will autom (MORE)