What are advantages and advantages of nightclubs?

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What are the advantages of a laptop?

Laptops are very handy especially if you are on the move. Some places that you may go to might have free wi fi which means that you can use the internet free of charge in particular places depending where you are that offers this service. Also if you are on a train going to say a day out or a bus (MORE)

What are the advantages of IT?

Answer . alot of money, safety for the kids, fun and play time for the kids and parents could leave whenevr they please not having to worry about who's takin care of their kids.

What is a nightclub?

A nightclub is an establishment for nighttime entertainment,typically serving drinks and offering music, dancing, etc.

Advantage and dis advantage of a vet?

advantage : they are extremely well trained in medicine and can help your pet in ways you could not even begin to try at home (surgery, illness identification, medication). disadvantage: going to the vet generally costs quite a bit of money! although, if you have an animal and it is suffering, i (MORE)

Advantages of IT?

Globalization , communication quicker, easier and more convenient, Cost effectiveness , Bridging the cultural gap, More time, Creation of new jobs,

What is advantages of GUI?

The main advantage of a GUI is that the visual representation offunctions allows easier use of the computer compared to acommand-line-based interface. It also speeds up the user's work fornon-technical people.

What are advantages of portfolio?

One advantage of a portfolio is that it documents your professionalhistory. It also helps employers gather information about you.

What is the advantages of partnership?

The advantages of a partnership is that you would have someone elseto share the burden with. They would also be responsible for halfof everything, whether good or bad.

What are advantages of a group?

A group has the advantage of different mind skills working as onewhole. This would let you see angels that you by yourself would notnormally see.

Advantage of loudspeaker?

A loudspeaker is used so a large crowd can hear what is beingspoken. They are often found in schools, sporting events,festivals, and many more.

What are the advantages of taxis?

Taxi drivers are under the passenger's directions and the passenger feels good. The passenger watch TV, DVD or listen music when travelling. Taxis are also not so expensive, so everyone can use taxis for a small fee.

What is the Advantage and dis advantage of TV?

Some advantages of TV are that it offers entertainment, they areaffordable, and widely available. Some disadvantages are that theytake up much of people's time, they require a subscription to getbetter channels, and higher quality models are expensive.

What is your advantage?

There are many advantages that a person can have in a jobapplication. One advantage is having a great personality.

What are the advantages and dis advantages of recycling?

There are some advantages and disadvantages to recycling. Theadvantages are that it is better for the environment and allowswaste products to be remade into something usable. The disadvantageis that the recycling may have to be taken to the dump or recyclingcenter, which is a minor inconvenience. Al (MORE)

Advantages and dis advantages of technology?

Advantages: -Life is easier -Life is more enjoyable -People live longer and are healthier -It's exciting Dis-advantages: -Certain technologies have the power to destroy or seriously damage nature.

What are the advantage and dis advantage of computer?

Advantages: -Makes stuff easier. -Enables scientists to research new technologies WAY easier. -Enables fast and reliable communication, even across different continents. -Allow for automatisation of various processes. -Gives fun and games Dis-advantages: -Most pre-built computers ship with Windo (MORE)

What is the advantage?

advantage of drugs is that it can be used in medicines, wine cigratte, etc.But there is also disadvantage of it. that is drinking of wine can harm u. That it can work for the people

What are the Advantages and dis advantages of rainfall?

There are numerous advantages of rainfall. Rainwater is a major fresh water source, and is excellent in a survival situation. Rainwater also helps crops grow. The disadvantages of rain fall is that excess rainfall can cause floods and may become cause of large traffic jams on road.

What are the advantages and dis advantages of communism?

Communism is completely useless and a country dumb enough to practice it today is very desperate! Advantages: Everyone is treated equally, no racism, sexism etc... No poverty and goods are shared equally No-one would want more than each other because everyone has the same Disadvantage's: No cho (MORE)

In tennis what does advantage in and advantage out mean?

When a score is tied at 40-40 you must play a tie breaker to decidewho wins. If the person serving wins the first point than it isAdvantage (Ad) in, if the opponent wins the first point then it isAdvantage (Ad) out. You must win the point after this ad point towin the game or it goes back to 40-40 c (MORE)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of comparative advantage?

Opportunity cost is the key to comparative advantage: Individuals and nations gain by producing goods at relatively low costs and exchanging their outputs for different goods produced by others at relatively low cost. All potential trading partners can gain enormously through appropriate specializat (MORE)

What are advantages and dis advantage of fungi?

Not only do non-toxic fungi make up some of the food we consume, they also contribute to a chemical-waste cleanup process called Bioremediation. Fungi, unlike us, do not digest food internally. Fungi break down their food EXTERNALLY by essentially ralphing up their digestive enzymes into (MORE)

What are the Advantages and Dis-advantages of the computer?

Advantages: *They are easy *They are fun *They can be used for school projects and are an alternative to typing *They are smart *They work with accurate speed Disadvantages: *They crash *They kill themselves *They format themselves *They are vulnerable *They are dumb the posi (MORE)

What are advantages of nanoscience?

The advantages to nanoscience are widely varied based on the particle in question. Generally speaking, nanoscience is the study of things that change their properties when they are brought down to a very small scale. One advantage to all nanoparticles is their surface area to volume ratio. When a (MORE)

What is An advantage of complier?

They produce programs that run very fast. They can spot syntax errors during compile time of the program.( i.e you are informed of any grammatical errors before you try to run a program).

What are the advantages of middleware?

A typical middleware provides Application high availability solutions, Security, Transaction management facility, Database connectivity,naming services & many more. It reduces the coding efforts for programmers and hence cost. Therefore it is advantages to use a middleware

What are the advantages of undercrowding?

The advantage to under crowding is that if you for example have so much of one thing overcrowding could use up all supplies or if you have lots of people in one room it could be unhealthy as you would need to exercise to keep fit but if the room was full you would not have enough room to exercise. (MORE)

What are the advantages of flyovers?

There are many advantages of flyovers. For example, flyovers helpto streamline the traffic control system by helping to reducetraffic congestion. With urban road development, flyovers assist increating additional road space overhead.

What are advantages of LEO?

Leo the sign of braveness. LEO is the sign people have for being brave.im sagittarrius it means i was born at the starters of December.my sis is Gemini it means she was born with a twin.guess that's all i can tell you

What are the advantages of cyborgs?

Cyborgs are thought to be using the intelligence of humans by including human biology to a machine, or adding man made material to the human body as part of its natural function. We find cyborgs around us, usually in people where one or more of their biological parts have failed,been destroyed or ar (MORE)

What are the advantages of cosmetics?

I DON'T USE COSMETICS MUCH..CAUSE'...MUJHSE AUNTYIYO JESE KAM NI HOTE...LOL ....n google se question to hum pooch re hai... btane ke jgh humara question he humse pooch...rha hai....google he ke kya hai...angrezzz ke olad...:p:p

What are advantage and dis advantage of technology?

Technology has opened new doors to people. Without technology there would be no computers, cars, wikianswers :P or anything that would make the world what it is today. Disadvatages of technology would be that every day alot of green house gasses are being produced from factories all over the wo (MORE)

What are the advantages and the dis-advantages of crime?

what is crime? "an act committed in violation of a law forbidding it and for which a variety of punishments may be imposed." DISADVANTAGE OF CRIME In the news today there is an article about a high-school boy who brought guns to school and shot several students. The parents of the victims are s (MORE)

What are the advantages and dis advantages of legislation?

Some advantages of legislation are that it helps to make the legal process more fair and it takes the will of the people into consideration. The disadvantages are that everyone will not aways agree and the results directly affect everyone.