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What are all songs about Melissa?

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Got one for you: "Melissa" Allman Brothers
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If you could relive any one performance, which would you choose?

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What are the names of all Melissa Etheridge Albums?

Here's her current list (plus this past winter she released a single to her fan club members only) 2007 Awakening Live   2007 Awakening   2004 Lucky   2003 Melissa (MORE)

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All songs on phantom of the opera?

Think of me, angle of music, the phantom of the opera, music of the night, prima donna, all I ask of you, masquerade, point of no return. During the credits in the 2004 movie (MORE)

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What is the best songs of all time?

Depends on which genre you mean..Hey Jude, Stairway to Heaven, Crazy, it is hard to say..Whatever a person likes best. My vote is for A Day In the Life by The Beatles.
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Did Melissa Etheridge sing the song Black Velvet?

No. All sites purporting to be Melissa Etheridge singing Black Velvet are actually playing the Allanah Myles version. ...Actually she did sing a version of the song black velv (MORE)

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What are all the songs on just dance?

1. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 2. Ring My Bell 3. A Little Less Conversation 4. Cotton Eyed Joe 5. Heart of Glass 6. Womanizer 7. Hot N' Cold 8. Fame 9. Mashed P (MORE)

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What is all Justin Bieber songs?

1. baby, 2.one less lonely girl 3.never say never 4.never let you go 5. one time 6.set a place at your table 6 pray 7 first dance 8.favourite girl 9 up 10. (MORE)

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A list of all the jls songs?

Okay, on their first CD they have 13 songs- 1. Beat again 2. Everybody in love 3. Keep you 4. Crazy for you 5. Heal this heartbreak 6. Close to you 7. Only tonight 8. One sho (MORE)