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Got one for you: "Melissa" Allman Brothers
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What is the story behind Melissa Ethridge's song Silent Legacy?

While "Jenna bear87" made a valiant effort at interpreting the "poetry" of Silent Legacy, I'm afraid the dots she connected to make that story weren't on the page to begin wit

All songs on phantom of the opera?

Think of me, angle of music, the phantom of the opera, music of the night, prima donna, all I ask of you, masquerade, point of no return. During the credits in the 2004 movie

Did Melissa Etheridge sing the song Black Velvet?

No. All sites purporting to be Melissa Etheridge singing Black Velvet are actually playing the Allanah Myles version. ...Actually she did sing a version of the song black velv

What is all Justin Bieber songs?

1. baby, 2.one less lonely girl 3.never say never 4.never let you go 5. one time 6.set a place at your table 6 pray 7 first dance 8.favourite girl 9 up 10.

What is the best songs of all time?

Depends on which genre you mean..Hey Jude, Stairway to Heaven, Crazy, it is hard to say..Whatever a person likes best. My vote is for A Day In the Life by The Beatles.

What does the song sweet Melissa mean?

Sweet Melissa was Greg Allman's motorcycle. In order to settle his  nerves, he would drive it around Macon, GA when he got home.   Greg died on Sweet Melissa one morning

A list of all the jls songs?

Okay, on their first CD they have 13 songs- 1. Beat again 2. Everybody in love 3. Keep you 4. Crazy for you 5. Heal this heartbreak 6. Close to you 7. Only tonight 8. One sho

Best songs of all time?

Don't Stop Believin'-Journey Somebody to Love-Queen Every Breath You Take-Sting and The Police

Can you list all the songs for Christmas?

jingle bell rock , grandma got ran over by a reindeer , jingle bells , silent night , rockin around the Christmas tree , let it snow , santa baby , Christmas island , santa Cl

List of all usher songs?

addictive, bad girl, bedtime, burn, call me a mack, can u get wit it, can u handle it, can u help me, can't let you go, caught up, come back, confessions, confessions part 1,

What are all of all time lows songs?

The album or EP name will be in bold and underlined along with the release year in brackets, and the track listings (audio only) will follow. Albums and EP's will appear in or