What are all songs about Melissa?

Got one for you: "Melissa" Allman Brothers
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Your show, "You & A" airs in 16 million homes and is on demand on 50 million others. How does it feel to know that so many people see your work on a regular basis?

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Did Melissa Etheridge sing the song Black Velvet?

No. All sites purporting to be Melissa Etheridge singing Black Velvet are actually playing the Allanah Myles version....Actually she did sing a version of the song black velve (MORE)

What does the song sweet Melissa mean?

Sweet Melissa was Greg Allman's motorcycle. In order to settle his  nerves, he would drive it around Macon, GA when he got home.   Greg died on Sweet Melissa one morning o (MORE)

Who is Melissa Starfall?

Melissa Starfall is a singer/songwriter. Born in January 30th   Born in San Diego California Age: 19 She makes music for living and  makes about 5 songs a day! You can see (MORE)

Songs of Love: Wedding Ceremony Songs

When people are getting married, they want to make sure that they are planning their wedding the best way possible. They want everything to be completely perfect. One of the t (MORE)

What does Melissa mean?

Melissa is a given name for a female child. The name comes from Greek μέλισσα (melissa), "honey bee" and that from μέλι (meli), "honey". According to Greek mytholo (MORE)

What are all the songs on just dance?

1. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 2. Ring My Bell 3. A Little Less Conversation 4. Cotton Eyed Joe 5. Heart of Glass 6. Womanizer 7. Hot N' Cold 8. Fame 9. Mashed Potato Ti (MORE)

Who is Melissa McCarthy?

Melisa Mcarthy is an actress on the show Gilmore Girl's. She currently plays the role of someone named Molly Flynn on the sitcom Mike and Molly which airs on CBS.
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What is all Justin Bieber songs?

1. baby, 2.one less lonely girl 3.never say never 4.never let you go 5. one time 6.set a place at your table 6 pray 7 first dance 8.favourite girl 9 up 10.love me 1 (MORE)
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