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Got one for you: "Melissa" Allman Brothers
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What are the names of all Melissa Etheridge Albums?

Here's her current list (plus this past winter she released a single to her fan club members only) 2007 Awakening Live   2007 Awakening   2004 Lucky   2003 Melissa (MORE)

Who is Melissa Starfall?

Melissa Starfall is a singer/songwriter. She makes music for living and makes about 5 songs a day! You can see it on youtube, last fm, Iheart radio, and reverberation! You ca (MORE)
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Answers with Melissa Barak

Melissa Barak tells us about her journey as a professional ballet dancer and how it led to the evolution of her very own ballet company, Barak Ballet.When did your love for da (MORE)
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Baked by Melissa

Baked by Melissa was founded by New Jersey native Melissa Ben-Ishay, who tapped into her lifelong love of baking and decided to turn it into a lifelong career. In 2009, Meliss (MORE)

An EMT, the Man On One Knee, Saved Melissa Dohme, in 2012. They Just Got Engaged at the Rays Game!

After Melissa Dohme was attacked in 2012, an EMT named Cameron Hill helped save her life. They've dated since then and before Melissa threw out the first pitch at the Rays gam (MORE)

Songs for Musicals That Kids can Enjoy

Children's music isn't just about cute little nursery rhymes and verses or lyrical anecdotes. It can also include the musical songs of Broadway musicals, movies, and stage pro (MORE)

Best Love Songs for Weddings

At your wedding, you want everything to be perfect. From the dress to the food to the flower arrangements, every detail needs to be attended to. The music is no exception. Cho (MORE)

What does Melissa mean?

Melissa is a given name for a female child. The name comes from Greek μέλισσα (melissa), "honey bee" and that from μέλι (meli), "honey". According to Greek mythol (MORE)
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Did Melissa Etheridge sing the song Black Velvet?

No. All sites purporting to be Melissa Etheridge singing Black Velvet are actually playing the Allanah Myles version. ...Actually she did sing a version of the song black velv (MORE)
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Who is Melissa lamont?

Melissa Lamont is a Digital Collections Librarian with the San  Diego State University. She can be contacted by calling (619)  594-3800.

Who is Melissa nadasdi?

she is, or was, an actress. she retired when she fell down four flights of stairs and out a window and broke both arms, a leg, her neck, and two ribs.      I (MORE)