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Autism spectrum disorders (ASD), also known as pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), are conditions with various levels of impaired communication skills, impaired social skills, and repetitive behaviors or interests. Sensory issues are also very common in the autism spectrum disorders. These disorders are neither diseases nor mental illnesses. Pervasive developmental disorders are a type of developmental disorder, as the name implies.

There are five disorders included in autism spectrum disorders: autism (sometimes called Kanner's Syndrome), Asperger's Syndrome (AS), pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS), Rett Syndrome, and childhood disintegrative disorder (also known as Heller's Syndrome). Autism or autistic disorder is the most well-known of the PDDs. Characteristics of autism are impaired social skills, impaired communication skills, repetitive behaviors or interests, and abnormal or delayed skills in social interaction, language use, or play. It usually becomes apparent by age three. It is more often diagnosed in males than in females.
Rett Syndrome is the least common diagnosis. Most people with Rett Syndrome are female. They seem to have normal prenatal development and continue to develop apparently normally for the first five to 18 months. After that period, head growth decelerates, hand skills decline, social engagement with others disappears, walking appears uncoordinated, language is severely impaired, and psychomotor skills are severely impaired. The child regresses. Children who had been able to talk, stop. Children who previously enjoyed social contact now start pulling away from it. Most of those with Rett Syndrome end up in wheelchairs. Childhood disintegrative disorder is another rare autism spectrum disorder. It is diagnosed using norm-referenced tests, not parental accounts. In can be misdiagnosed as late-onset autism. These children develop apparently normally for the first two years. Then, between the ages of three and four, they have a significant loss of skills in at least two of the following areas over the next few years: communication skills, social skills, motor skills, play skills, and control of bowel and/or bladder functions. They also engage in repetitive behaviors or interests. It can also be accompanied by seizures and extremely low IQ.
Asperger's Syndrome also involves impaired social skills and repetitive behaviors or interests, but no clinically significant delay in cognitive development and language development (except socially). This condition was once labeled as infantile schizophrenia.
Pervasive developmental disorder - not otherwise specified is used to describe a condition that matches the characteristics of a pervasive developmental disorder (impaired social skills, impaired language skills, and repetitive behaviors or interests), but does not seem to match any of the other four pervasive developmental disorders.
No single behavior can be used to identify an autism spectrum disorder. Other conditions can have similar symptoms. Also the impairments can range from mild to severe, so you cannot rule out the condition simply because one impairment seems relatively mild. Some of these behaviors occur in most children. However, the frequency and duration of these behaviors are atypical for the child's age group.
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If you have a boyfriend who has an autism spectrum disorder and he wants to marry what should you expect?

Someone with autism spectrum disorder with a girlfriend? Really?And wants to get married? Are you sure he has autism spectrumdisorder? ASD's most common characteristics are: difficulty withsocial skills, communicating, and interacting. All of those areneeded for a romantic relationship. Most with AS (MORE)

Are manic depression and borderline personality disorder and sociopathic disorder and autism and Asperger's Syndrome all the same illness in different parts of the spectrum?

No. They are completely unrelated, however some can be comorbid; existing together. For example, schizaffective disorder is a combination of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.. Comment on Comorbidity of Conditions with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome . Several studies show that about 40% of peopl (MORE)

Which celebrities are on the autism spectrum?

Woody Allen, Tony Benn, Bob Dylan, Joseph Erber, Bobby Fischer, Bill Gates, Genie, Crispin Glover, Al Gore, Jeff Greenfield, David Helfgott, Michael Jackson, Garrison Keillor, Kevin Mitnick, John Motson, John Nash, Keith Olbermann, Michael Palin, Keanu Reeves, Oliver Sacks, James Taylor,albert Einst (MORE)

What are non autism spectrum disorders that cause autism-like effects?

These mainly include Fragile X Syndrome, Landau-Kleffner Syndrome, and Williams Syndrome. Fragile X Syndrome is a form of mental retardation in which the long arm on the X chromosome is constricted. Approximately 15% of people with Fragile X Syndrome exhibit autistic behaviors. These behaviors (MORE)

Is autism a genetic disorder?

Autism itself is not genetic however the genetic cause behind it is. There are several genetic disorders that can cause autism, such as fragile x, metabolic disorders etc. Everyone and every family is different. What may have caused autism in your family may not have caused it in the next. This is a (MORE)

Are autism and schizophrenia on the same spectrum?

No. Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder, while Autism is aspectrum disorder. Schizophrenia is characterized by hallucinations, delusions,possible paranoia, disorganization, etc.. Autism covers a wide spectrum. Some have severe learningdifficulties and a low IQ. Others may have a genius IQ but stil (MORE)

Is OCD a symptom of autism spectrum disorders?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is not a symptom ofautism spectrum disorders. However, people with autism spectrumdisorders can exhibit behaviors that appear similar to OCD, withouthaving OCD. Also, people with an autism spectrum disorder can haveOCD as a comorbid condition.

Who discovered autism spectrum disorders?

This is quite a difficult question to answer as there is numerousepeople who helped the discovery and developement the knowledge ofautism such as Martin Luther, Paul Eugen Bleuler, Hans Asperger andLeo Kanner. Martin Luther - The first mention of the word Autism wasrecorded by Martin Luther, a pr (MORE)

Is there a cure for autism spectrum disorders?

No, there is not a cure for autism spectrum disorders. Autism spectrum disorders are neurological disorders, which means the brain has developed atypically. At present, there are not ways to "rewire" the brain of someone with an autism spectrum disorder. However, there are ways to help people with a (MORE)

Why is autism considered a disorder?

I sometimes wonder why myself. All I seem to get from it is Hallucinogenic Persistent Perception Disorder, Musical Ear Syndrome and some psychedelic effects which seem to occur without taking drugs of any kind.

How is it possible for a child to be both gifted and have autistic traits since autism spectrum disorders affect the whole brain and every level of functioning?

The brain is affected in autism spectrum disorders, but that does not mean the person is also retarded. It means that they have difficulties in certain situations and can have a different perspective on the world. In addition, the severity of the difficulties varies from one individual to another. O (MORE)

Is autism a neurological disorder?

Yes, Autism is known as Autism Spectrum Disorder and is aneurological disorder. However many Autistic people prefer it to bereferred to as a neurological difference - disorder implies thatNeurotypical is the norm, the ideal, or the perfect and that Autismis a broken version so worth less.

What causes autism spectrum disorders?

We don't know that yet. You will hear a lot about people sayingvaccines can cause autism, but it seems unlikely and we don't knowfor certain. It's just skepticism as of right now.

Could periodically lying down flat on the floor with hands at sides be a symptom of autism spectrum disorder?

The person might have an autism spectrum disorder or might not. That symptom would not prompt a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder. For a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder, the person will have a set of symptoms, not just one. To use this behavior to help diagnose an autism spectrum (MORE)

Is there an actual autism spectrum?

Yes, an autism spectrum exists. It involves autistic disorder, asperger syndrome childhood disintegrative disorder, rett syndrome and persuasive developmental disorder; depending on the affected individual, he or she can display mild, severe or symptoms somewhere in between based on these categories (MORE)

Is adjustment disorder part of autism?

Adjustment disorder is an excessive response to life stresses that affects a person's work or social life. Symptoms can be anxiety, depression, misconduct, and social wthdrawal. Onset is typically within three months of the stressful event and fades within six months after the cause of the stress is (MORE)

What are the four forms of autism in the autism spectrum?

Pervasive developmental disorders, often known as autism spectrum disorders, include the following conditions. . autism . Asperger's Syndrome (AS) . pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) . Rett Syndrome . childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD) Sometimes, the (MORE)

What is it called when a student with an autism spectrum disorders is given a toy to reduce his or her fidgeting?

The fidgeting is called stimming . If the student does a repetitive behavior with the toy, that also is called stimming. Stimming is a way for a person with an autism spectrum disorder to relax and focus. However, if the toy is given as a temporary distraction, that is all that is happening - distr (MORE)

Can someone have more than one autism spectrum disorder?

No. The descriptions of the autism spectrum disorders are such that you cannot have more than one. However, with more information, the diagnosis might change from one autism spectrum disorder to another. A person with an autism spectrum disorder can have other conditions or disorders, such as ADHD (MORE)

Why do people with autism spectrum disorders get into fights?

One trademark symptom of autism is poorly developed social skills. They often can't understand how their actions affect other people, and similarly, often can't understand the actions or intentions of other people. Because of this lack of understanding, some have very aggressive/defensive tendencies (MORE)

Is aspergers on the autism spectrum?

This question is very hard to answer because some people believe that it is, and some people believe that it isn't. So much remains to be found out about it that this is a hard topic to be able to delve into. Answer It might be. If there be a spectrum, like the electromagnetic spectrum, from neur (MORE)

What is the better diet choice for a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder Gluten free casien free or specific carb diet?

What diet is better depends on the individuals childs needs. SomeAutistic children will have digestive problems which can be aidedwith specific diets, low-carb diets can also be especiallybeneficial to Autistic people as it improves neurologicalfunctions, but most children who are Autistic can eat t (MORE)

Where is Asperger's syndrome on the autism spectrum?

Asperger Syndrome is at the higher functioning end of the spectrum. In the DSM-IV, there are five conditions on the autism spectrum. Two of them (Rett Syndrome and Childhood Disintegrative Disorder) are extremely rare, so the majority of people on the autism spectrum have a diagnosis of either auti (MORE)

What disorder is worse than Autism?

This question is a bit biased; as many of those with high-functioning autism see it not as a curse, but a gift. But common brain disorders which would be considered more debilitating than autism include Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and Huntington's chorea.

What are the three sub-types of autism Spectrum Disorder?

Rett's syndrome (Disorder mainly affecting girls. They develop normally at first, then experience a loss in motor and social skills and an increase in repetitive behaviors) Asperger syndrome (a high functioning form of autism in which an individual has difficulty in social interaction and a small (MORE)

What are non autism spectrum disorders that cause autism like effects?

Borderline Personality Dissorder presents itself with similar symptoms for example a person with BPD can have problems socially as can a person on the AS.BPD can behave inappropriately and fail to think of the knock on affect on their behaviour ,they also both have an impairment in facial expression (MORE)

What category of genetic disorder is autism in?

If anything, autism is neurogenetic, but no one knows whether or not, autism is based on a faulty gene. Most theories about causes of the ailment are about environmental factors; particularly vaccines (which contain mercury a highly neurotoxic element ). Despite "Rett Syndrome" ( which isn't a true (MORE)

How are people tested for autism disorder?

A qualified individual or team of individuals can determine whether or not an individual has Autism. Because Autism cannot be diagnosed with a medical test (like a blood test, brain scan, etc.) the diagnosis involves interviews, observations and evaluations which can include: . Diagnostic and Sta (MORE)

Can students wwith autism spectrum disorder be fully mainstreamed?

Yes - most autistic students are mainstream schooled, manystart-off within supported learning but can be integrated (it canbe hugely beneficial to autistic children to be included inmainstream education), there are only a small minority who remainwithin supported learning and never integrate into ma (MORE)

Why autism can be considered as a spectrum?

The visible-light spectrum is a good analogy of spectrum, from red (long wavelength) light to blue (short wavelength) light. Autism shows a spectrum of characters just as light shows a spectrum of wavelengths. The spectrum goes from non-autistic 'normal' or neurotypical individuals (off the lower en (MORE)

Is there a autism spectrum disorder society?

Yes, there are many societies dedicated to autism. One such societyis the National autism Society in the UK, the organisation thatfirst used the puzzle piece to represent autism.

Is autism a neurotic disorder?

Yes - autism is considered to be a neurological disorder, or oftenpeople prefer it to be referred to as a neurological difference.

Is autism a psychiatric or neurological disorder?

Autism is considered a neurological disorder - although mostautistic people prefer to refer to autism as a neurological difference , calling it a 'disorder' implies that there issomething wrong with being autistic where as for many of us it isnot a problem.

Why is autism called spectrum disorder?

Autism has an enormous variety of presentations, impairments, andabilities. It was once considered three different diagnoses, butthose were not found to be useful categories. (Also, Rett syndrome has other symptoms not found in autism.) Hencethe term autism spectrum disorder was found to be better.

Where is daryl Hannah on the autism spectrum?

It is hard to say from just the People magazine article. However,,she was diagnosed when the criteria were much stricter, long beforeanyone had heard of Asperger Syndrome. According to the article,doctors recommended that she be medicated and institutionalized.

What are the causes of autism spectrum disorder?

There are several but mutation of several genes is the main one.And vaccines DO NOT cause it. The nervous system including sensoryreceptors in the skin are involved. The thickness of the cortex onthe surface of the brain also is involved.