What are bad sicknesses you can get in Burundi?

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In Africa
Some of the bad sicknesses you can get in Burundi is malaria, hepititis A, typhiod fever.
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Is smoking weed bad when youre sick?

Yes, smoking in general is bad for your health because of all the carbon residues, tars and damaging chemicals/particulate that you inhale into your lungs, if you really want to get high use a vaporizer it eliminates most and if used properly almost all of that is eliminated. Vaporizing is just heat (MORE)

Why is Burundi poor?

Poor transportation, distance to the sea is difficult. Reliance on aide from other countries calculates into a high debt.

After eating bad meat how long will it take to be sick?

That depends on how bad the meat was and how strong your constitution is, the bodys natural defenses will reject (throw up) anything it believes harmful straight away, otherwise it may take upto 24hours to reject. You may not throw up at all but just feel awful. Best not to eat anything you suspect (MORE)

Can you get sick eating bad corn on the cob?

It is not normally a good idea to eat spoiled food because you could become ill. Illness is not guaranteed, since it depends upon the spoilage organism(s) and your body's sensitivity to the microbes and their toxins.

Where is burundi located?

It is a small country in the Great Lakes region of East Africabordered by Rwanda on the north, Tanzania on the south and east,and the Democratic REpublic of the Congo on the west.

What is burundi famous for?

Burundi is famous for being one of the five poorest countries inthe entire world. Burundi's official name is the Republic ofBurundi. It is located Southeast Africa.

What continent is Burundi in?

Africa. Its capital is Bujumbura, and it is south of Rwanda, west of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, east of Tanzania, and north of Lake Tanganyika (tang-guh-nee-kuh).

Who is the President of Burundi?

Pierre Nkurunziza is the current President of Burundi. He was elected President by Parliament on 2005 August 19, and took office on 2005 August 26. He was re-elected by the people on 2010 June 28 and resworn on 2010 August 26. Nkurunziza received 91.6% of the vote as the only candidate in the moder (MORE)

Can you get sick from eating bad crab legs?

Yes. DON'T EAT BAD FOOD! If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck and swims like a duck, it's probably a duck. Any food that looks and/or smells bad should be considered suspect. When in doubt, throw it out!

What is Burundi Like?

Burundi is a small country in east central Africa. It is 10,750square miles and located on a high plateau with altitudes rangingfrom 2,532 -8,760 feet.

Can you get sick from eating bad potatoes?

you can get sick from eating anything! (depending on the quantity). yes you can get sick from potatoes because they often grow slightly poisenous spores but it would take atleast 1 and a half bad potatoes to make you sick. SO DONT EAT POTATOES! (umm.... that are bad...)

Is sugar bad for you when you are sick?

Too much sugar is bad for you any time. If you have a cold or a cough or a fever, you need a certain amount of sugar to give you energy to fight the bacteria or the virus. When you have a fever, your metabolism is running faster than it normally does, so you might need a little more sugar (read: f (MORE)

Is it bad to drink wine while you're sick?

Not necessarily. "Well, considering alcohol is bad to drink anytime, yes, it is bad to drink when you are sick." That was an earlier answer to this question. However, it grossly oversimplifies things, and shows a profound lack of research. A simple Google search will show a pattern of the ge (MORE)

Is Burundi rich?

Burundi is not rich, in fact it is one of poorest countries in the world!

How do you tell if your betta fish has a bad sickness?

If you can see that the fish is covered in slime or fungus or has white spots on it it is sick. If you don't keep it in at least a 4 gallon tank (3gallons of water) with a filter and heater and also change 50% of its water weekly it will get sick and die anyway. It's just a matter of look after the (MORE)

If you eat bad fresh eggs how sick will you get?

That depends on what made the eggs 'bad', how much of it is in the egg and how susceptible your body is to the disease-causing agent. You could have a minor tummy upset or you could become very ill and get severely hydrated or even die.

Can you get sick from eating bad cheese?

if the cheese is'nt made with mould in it like cheddar then you will get ill from eating it but if it's blue cheese or something like it e.g. blue brie you should be ok

Is it bad to drink coffee when your sick?

Well, it is a hot substance that you drink, based on the illness, it could actually help to fight the virus. For example, if your coming down with the flu, or a cold, drinking hot drinks like coffee can slow down the proliferation because the flu and cold viruses proliferate (or grow) in the throat (MORE)

Is it bad to do your homework or think when your sick?

You're really reaching here, kid! Being sick just means you are uncomfortable -- unless you're actually in hospital or unable to stand up. You can certainly think and do work if you have a cold, measles, diarrhea, mononucleosis, an infection, or almost every other childhood illness.

Is it bad to work out when you are sick?

When you are sick your body is already weak from fighting the disease. Working out while sick could add more stress to your body inhibiting its ability to fight off the sickness. The best thing to do is to wait until you are healthy again before you resume your workouts.

Can you get sick eating bad crab meat?

Yes , yes you can because that is "raw meat" and bacteria is inthat meat. So it's best if you can cook it before eating it.Thatway you won't get sick. :)

Is 98.3 bad when youre sick?

Absolutely not! The AVERAGE human temperature is 98.6F. This number is of a bunch of human temperatures compiled into 1 number; which means some numbers were higher, some lower. However, if your temperature dips below 97 or above 104, I'd see a doctor.

Will you get sick from eating one bite of bad turkey soup?

You could get sick from eating one bite of bad turkey soup. It depends on what made the soup bad and your susceptibility to that microorganism and/or the toxin it formed. When in doubt about the safety of a food, do not taste it. Throw it away!

Can bad vegetable make you sick?

Yes bad vegies can make you sick. Usually veggies go bad due to bacteria. depending on the bacteria it can make you nausious to cause in some very rare cases kidney failure. Usually in all cases they taste horrible as well just don't eat bad veggies

Can you get sick from bad avocado?

It is quite possible that you will get sick unless you have a strong stomach. You should eat alot of things with Vitamins in them so if you do get sick, you will recover quickly! But I think you'll be alright, drink lots of water to try and wash it out!

Is it bad to lose 6 lbs in one day when sick?

Yes, you should contact your doctor. It can depend on what you are sick with, but whatever it is, you should consult your primary health care professional. It can be very bad for some people and not good for others. It likely does represent a loss of a lot of water weight because fat does not burn a (MORE)

What is the airport of Burundi?

The international airport of Burundi is 10 Km outside Bujumbura, the capital city of Burundi. BJM is the international airport code.

Is it bad to smoke weed when your sick?

I think its common sense, of course it is! If your coughing, short of breath, or sneezing, or sick, its a bad idea to smoke weed. And if you are, you shouldn't hold in the smoke to get a "higher high". It'll damage your lungs and throat, and the tar and mucus will build up in your lungs.

Is your sick that bad?

Your sickness can be considered bad if it affects your ability toenjoy life, do daily activities like getting dressed and eating, orif it prevents you from doing things like work. The worse yoursigns and symptoms, the harder it would be for you to do any ofthese things. Some health professionals use (MORE)

Can you feel sick from injecting bad insulin?

Yes, you can feel sick from injecting bad insulin. This can cause it to have the opposite effect, such as causing blood sugar to spike or plummet, and can make a person physically ill.

Can you get sick if you drink bad tea?

It is possible for a person to get sick if they drink bad tea. Tea can go bad if it is left out in the heat for an extended period of time and if it is not properly refrigerated.

Can i get sick from a bad exhaust system?

Not only can you get sick, you can die from it. Carbon monoxide is found in exhaust and is very dangerous. It can make you pass out and then suffocate. Drive with your windows open to the first place than can fix it.