What are blood hemoglobin estimation methods?

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what are the various methods of the Hb estimation???/kindly tell me the senstivity of the methods. i know only one method sahli hemoglobinometer(acid hematin) method.
I have enumerated few
Sahli - Adam's Method
Dare's method
Haden's method
Wintrobe's method
Haldane's method
Talliquist method
Gasometric method
Spectrophotometric method
Automated & non-automated hemolglobinometry
Other methods
alkaline hematin method
specific gravity
comparator method
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Which are the Methods for hemoglobin estimation?

Hemoglobin estimation is the measuring of hemoglobin levels thatare broken into three categories. Visual methods are Sahil, Dares,Hadens, Wintrobes, Haldanes, Tallquists metho

What is the percentage of hemoglobin in blood?

The normal hemoglobin count in males is 13 - 18 gm/dL while females it is 12 - 16 gm/dL. This count is relative of the percentage and in normal conditions a healthy individua

Why is hemoglobin blood is important?

Haemoglobin is a pigment that gives blood the colour. Hameoglobin combines with oxygen to allow blood to carry 70 times more than if oxygen and haemoglobin simply didnt dissol

What kinds of work hemoglobin does in the blood?

Hemoglobin is a molecule which is consist of 4 HEM groups and a protein named globin. Major duity of hemoglobin is to transfer CO2 and O2 between the tissues and the blood, bu

Is blood and hemoglobin same?

blood contains different cells and fibers, one those cells is RBC (red blood cell), these cells contain Hemoglobin, this substance makes them capable of carrying oxygen. Hea
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What are the methods in estimation?

There are a few methods in estimation. Like framework, unknown parameters, empirical dist and substitution principle most of these methods can be used using substitution princ