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Broken capillaries are commonly found on the cheeks or nose area these appear as small red / pink threads under the skins surface, most. Broken capillaries occur when the capillary walls narrow and widen too quickly causing the muscles int he walls to tear. This in turn allows the blood to seep out resulting in broken capillaries.
Dehydrated, dry and sensitive skins often have thin skin that provides less protection and therefore, these skin types are the most commonly effected.
Common causesof broken capillaries are:
1. Hot conditions
2. Wind blowing on the face
3. Burnign i.e. sunburn
4. Moving from one extreme temperature to another
5. Pressure i.e. squeezing spots or glasses pressing on the face
Broken capillaries can be prevented by avoiding all of the above. Once formed they can be treated by a specialist form of electrolysis. There are also specialist creams on the market that aim to strengthen the capillary walls thus reducing the redness.
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