What are candy melts?

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They are essentially coloured white chocolate. Commonly used in candy making and baking.
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What is candy?

Candy is a confection made from a concentrated solution of sugar in water, to which flavorings and colorants are added. candy is a sugery treat that gives you cavities

How do you read the date code on Wilton Candy Melts?

I'm a cake decorator and work a lot with chocolates also. At the cake supply store I work at we sell a lot of chocolate. The chocolate we sell is a higher grade than wilton (which we don't sell) but I can offer you this if you are looking for an expiration date on melting chocolate. Melting chocolat (MORE)

Why does cotton candy melt in your mouth?

The reason cotton candy melts in your mouth is because all it is, is plain sugar. Sugar, sugar and more sugar. Now try this experiment, and it will prove my theory. Get about 3 tablespoons of sugar and put it in a bowl. Then put warm water on top of the sugar and you will start to see that t (MORE)

What is a candy?

Candy: noun: definition: small sweet foods that are eaten for pleasure and are not part of a meal. . Candy is sugar and sweet and maybe even sour and they are edible

Why does chocolate melt faster than chewable candies?

Chewable candies usually involve some sort of gum, which breaks down very slowly. Meanwhile, chocolate tends to contain milk and fats. With heat, these two components melt and break down, turning to a liquid, very rapidly.

What candy melts in your mouth but not in your hands?

That was the advertising slogan for "Treats" the candy that melts in you mouth but not in your hands. ANSWER: That was the original advertising slogan for M & M's, "the candy that melts in you mouth but not in your hands".

Science project which candy bar will melt the fastest?

I would say Hershey's and Reeses.. Don't choose candy bars with fillings or wafers AKA cookies because im doing this project and the extra stuff in the chocolate made a big mess in the microwavde so chooses just plain chocolate bar doesnt matter white or dark or milk chocolate just NO fillings wafer (MORE)

Why do you have to melt sugar to make rock candy?

You dont. When you boil it in water, the sugar dissolves. Then let cool and evaporate and provide a crystallization seed, e.g. a thread. The sugar will cristallize out in large crystals as rock candy.

What is to melt?

To melt is when you turn something from a solid to a liquid. E.g: If you put an ice-cube into a microwave it will turn into water because and ice-cube is just water that has been frozen.

What can melt?

When energy is provided to any substance and its bonds are loosened, it starts melting.

What is in candy?

candies have sugar which you have to disolve the sugar in milk or water to form a surup which is boiled till the disiered thickness.the type of candy depends on the ingreateants, and how long the candy mix has to be boiled.

How does cotton candy melt in your mouth?

The reason cotton candy dissolves in your mouth begins with the manufacturing process. First the sugar was melted and heated then dried into tiny strands whrn the cotton candy is put in your mouth the sugar is being rewarmed by your saliva which causes it to melt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does not melt?

every thing melt expected us can u image us melting unless we are the but we still dont melt we rot away

Do all chocolate candies have the same melting point?

No not all chocolates and candies have the same melting points as they have different ratios of ingredients.Such as one bar may have more chocolate to sugar which decreases the melting points whereas another may have more sugar in his chocolate bar than chocolate and be a increased melting point.The (MORE)

What is a melting?

Melting is when something becomes too hot and melts! LOL! Easy as that! It becomes a fluid and it becomes gross!

What would happen if you melted hard candy?

The sugar in the candy will get very hot and could burn you if you are not careful. Be very careful with it. It can give you thrid degree burns If it gets to hot, it will crystalize and become brittle when it cools or it will reharded.

How do you clean melted Skittles candy from drawer?

Soak a towel in hot water and then squeeze most of the water out - especially if the drawer is made of wood. Lay the towel flat along the melted candy. It should melt slightly, and you may have to do it a couple of times.

Does candy melt at the same rate in different liquids at the same temperature?

I did a science experiment for school and i asked this question... i found out that the answer is yes. i took six diffrent liquids and i had lt them all get to room temp. once i did that i then placed them in water at the same time. once i did that i started the timer then iwatched closely for quite (MORE)

Is melting a candy bar a chemical change?

Melting a candy bar is a physical change because it is just changing form, not changing the chemical makeup. (If it isn't making a new material, it is not a chemical change)

How does candy reach the melting point?

The melting point of candy varies from one type to another. Sugar candy like lollipops require very high heat to melt. Chocolate candy can melt in your hand. If you have a specific type of candy in mind, please ask again.

How does one melt hard candy?

You accidently leave a bag of your hard candy of choice on the dash board of your car in the middle of summer. Preferably, you live in Arizona or Texas. It melts every time! Peppermints or candy canes left to sit on the dash board then stuck in the freezer, then allowed to come to room temprature, b (MORE)

Why does the candy syrup melt off your apples?

It was not originally heated to a high enough temperature to make it a hard shell and/or they added fluids that kept it more liquid than solid. Heat sugar enough and it will harden. Moisture, such as the juice of the apple, can make it run.

What kind of candy bar melted?

If you're asking what candies melt than chocolate (hersheys melt the best) is your answer. A microwave will show you that if you put one in.

Does cotton candy melt in the heat?

yes cotton candy melts in the heat what kind of question is that if you really wanted to know you wouldn't wait for an answer from the computer just buy some cotton candy and try it for your self you idiot dotish donkey

What are some names of candy that melt?

Pretty much any candy will melt given heat or enzymes. For example Chocolate, lollipops, and gummies. If you are talking a certain type please re-state the question

What actors and actresses appeared in My Candy Melts - 2012?

The cast of My Candy Melts - 2012 includes: Marco Antonio Cuautenango Hernandez as MAR-CO Lupita Hernandez Hernandez as Lady Throwing Garbage Alejandra Holguin Torres as Girl at the Park Javier Holguin Torres as Santiago Daniel Solano Abundez as Andres

Can you melt a candy cane?

Yes, you can melt a candy cane. The method of melting would depend on what you wanted to do with it, but generally, you can put it in a pan on low heat and continue to stir. It will burn easily if you are not careful due to the high sugar content.