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What are candy melts?

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They are essentially coloured white chocolate. Commonly used in candy making and baking.
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Why does cotton candy melt in your mouth?

The reason cotton candy melts in your mouth is because all it is, is plain sugar. Sugar, sugar and more sugar. Now try this experiment, and it will prove my theory. Get

What candy melts in your mouth but not in your hands?

That was the advertising slogan for "Treats" the candy that melts in you mouth but not in your hands. ANSWER: That was the original advertising slogan for M & M's, "the can

Do all chocolate candies have the same melting point?

No not all chocolates and candies have the same melting points as they have different ratios of ingredients.Such as one bar may have more chocolate to sugar which decreases th

What is the best candy melt to use for cake pops?

It depends on what kind of cake you are making. If you are making chocolate, use chocolate. If you are making Vanilla, use vanilla. If you are making strawberry, use pink vani

Is melting a candy bar a chemical change?

Melting a candy bar is a physical change because it is just changing form, not changing the chemical makeup. (If it isn't making a new material, it is not a chemical change)