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What are cases involving admiralty and maritime law about?

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Is a state supreme court decision only final in cases involving matters of state constitutional law?

The ruling of a state Supreme Court is final in ALL matters pertaining to the enforcement of state law within their jurisdiction, state constitutional and otherwise, with the

Where can one find out about maritime law firms?

Depending on what country you need a maritime law firm for, it's worth going on The Legal 500 website which gives information about maritime law firms in various countries.

Who hears cases involving federal laws?

Any court can hear the case. It depends on the severity of what  happened in the case though. If you are convicted on terrorism then  you are tried in a federal court becaus

What is case law?

An answer to that question covers just about everything you will learn in law school!   Among the fundamental objects of 'the law,' two of the most important are consistenc

How does case law differ from statutory law?

  Statutory law is that law that is written, approved and codified by a legislative body. Case law is what the last judge thought the law meant.

Why is case law imortant to constitutional law?

because the case law deal with matters happening in our every day lives whether less constitutional law deals with matters of the constituition only

What are the advantages of case law?

the advantages of case law are:  1-Certianty  2- Flexible  3-Existence of a wealth of real material  4-provision for future growth  5-practicablity

What is Clayton's case in banking law?

  Clayton's Case (1816) decided that where there is a current account between a debtor and a creditor and neither one appropriates the payments made, then those payments a

What are the disadvantages of case law as a source of law?

There are many disadvantages with precedent. It is good that our law provides certainty but critics think that the law is too hard to change, too inflexible. The House of Lor

Who was involved in the Dred Scott case?

The US Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in defendant John Sanford's favor, returning Dred Scott and his family to slavery. Chief Justice Roger B. Taney delivered the Opinion of the Cou
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What is maritime?

Maritime is an adjective used to describe activities connected with the sea so a Maritime museum would have collections about ships,sailors,port,cargo etc. It also means "on o