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Cattle are a mammalian species of herbivorous animals with cloven hooves that have a four-chambered stomach. The word "cattle" is a term that refers to more than one bovine or, colloquially speaking, cow. Cattle are domesticated creatures descended from the truly wild Aurochs and have been selectively bred and used by man for meat, milk and draft work since the New Stone Age.
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What are cattle mounds found in Congaree swamp?

Cattle mound #6, Brady's cattle mound, and Big lake cattle mound.   No, let's get it correct. Cattle Mounds were raised areas or mounds built to allow livestock to climb to

What are cattle trailers used for?

Cattle trailers are used to securely store and transport cattle by ranchers. These trailers can range in size from accomodating one or two cows to several dozen. The trailer

What type of cattle are saler cattle?

Salers are beef cattle.

What cattle are beef cattle?

Cattle which are raised for their muscle mass rather than their  milk are beef cattle. Such cattle must be slaughtered in order to  obtain such a product, unlike with dairy

What kind of cattle are Continental cattle?

Continental cattle are the cattle that were imported from Europe to improve the growth rate and leanness of existing breeds. Continental beef breeds are as follows: Charolai

What breeds of cattle are beef cattle?

- Aberdeen Angus (Black Angus and Red Angus) - Hereford - Shorthorn - Charolais - Limousin - Simmental - Pinzgauer - Gelbvieh - Texas Longhorn - Scottish Hig

What are cattle used for?

    1) Milk   2) Meat   3) Leather (hides, etc)   4) Other food by-products   5) Motive transportation   5) Entertainment   6) Cultural and/or busine

What are cattle drives?

Cattle Drive--- A journey in which cowboys herded cattle north to the railroad depots in the 1800's

Why are cattle called cattle?

It is not really known when the term "cattle" was started to be used as a reference to domestic bovines. In the old days, the word "cattle" was not in reference to bovines at

Who did the cattle farmers sell their cattle to?

Other cattlemen or butchers. There are no Cattle Farmers, they are called Cattle Ranchers, Farmers work the land for planting crops. Cattle are sold two ways, at a sale barn

What breed of cattle were in the cattle kingdom?

Texas Longhorns were the foundation of the Cattle Kingdom in the USA. Herefords soon followed popularity when they were imported to the USA a couple hundred years after the Sp

How many cattle were in a cattle drive?

Historically, as in the late 1800's, there would be at least a few  hundred to a few thousand cattle from several ranches in an area  that would be driven a cattle drive to

What are cattle mounds?

Cattle Mounds were raised areas or mounds built to allow livestock to climb to higher ground during floods. Three cattle mounds found in the Congaree National Swap include the