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What are causes and treatments for a nose that swells becomes tender and turns red?

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I live in Canada and we've had one heck of a warm front come in here for weeks, so trees are budding up, so are flowers and the allergies are flying through the air. Allergy meds are flying off the shelves. If you live in a warm state (or even had a warm trend in your State) it could simply be your allergies. If you have had allergies before and dread another bad bout, please look up "Intra" on Google and consider buying this product. Many of us in British Columbia use it because it's natural, you put a few drops in fruit juice or even water and you're off and running and yes, it most definetly helps stave off allergies big time and also helps build the immune system. If you have a red nose that is also red on each side going into the cheeks (the butterfly effect) then you may have Rosacea which is a chronic skin disease with a genetic predisposition. It is more common in women than men. It tends to occur in people with fair skin and may appear as early as the teens. In your earlier years it can be mistaken for a case of acne, visible manifestation of alcoholism, or even simply "rosy cheeked." The redness would make you feel as if you had a burning sensation on the skin. As you get older and it reaches the middle stages, the redness becomes ruddier and occupies more of the facial area. Pimple-like bumps and noticeable facial pores may appear, along with swelling in the area close to the nose. Rosacea can give you eye problems such as "dry eyes" burning and itching (often mistaken for allergies.) They can feel gritty as if having sand in the eyes. Eyelids may become swollen and red as well as sensitive to light, causing blurred vision at times. There are no known reasons for having Rosacea, but I am certain it is to do with some hormone issues. Stress certainly can trigger this if you are prone to Rosacea. Menopause can also bring it on as well as strenuous exercise (because it seems to attack the tiny blood vessels in the face.) Sunlight also is not good, so put a hat on (baseball hat, etc.) There is no known cure for Rosacea, but it can certainly be controlled. Keep a journal as to when you get these flare-ups and what foods you have eaten. Make notes of what activities you were doing before the outbreak. Use sunscreen with a high SPF daily but be sure they are non irritating to the skin (usually will say on the bottle.) I am not a doctor, so you may well have allergies, but please see your doctor and if it isn't allergies then have your doctor test you for Rosacea because early detection is the best thing you can do for you. Good luck Marcy
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