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collateral veins are produced by your body when it thinks it is not getting sufficient circulation from a part of the body. If a part of your body is not returning blood back to the heart from a particular part of the body, your body will grow veins around that area to assisst in circulating the blood. Unfortunately these veins are usually thinner and less organized than the original venous structures. Spider veins are examples of collateral veins. There are collateral arteries as well. When a part of the body is not receiving enough oxygen new arteries will grow around to assisst in circulation. Like veins these are of poor structural quality too.
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  veins are the blood vessles that return de-oxygenated blood to your heart, while arteries carry oxygenated blood.

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A vein is a blood vessel that carries blood to the heart.

What is vein?

    brings blood back to the heart

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veins are blood vessel carrying blood toward the heart; postnatally, all veins except the pulmonary carry dark unoxygenated blood.

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The function of a vein is conduct blood to the heart (in comparison to an artery, which conducts blood away from the heart, and a capillary which connects an artery and a vein