What are composite colors?

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Composite colors are opposite colors. Blue and orange are composite colors, because blue is a primary color that isn't required to make the secondary color, orange. Red and green are composite colors, because green doesn't need red to be made. Yellow and violet are also composite colors.
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How does Felsic magmas different from mafic magmas in color temperate minerals composition and the kind of rock each form?

Mafic lava is less viscous(runnier) than felsic lava due to a lower silica content. This causes non-violent eruptions such as in the Hawaiian Islands. Mafic lava tends to be associated more with interplate volcanism and mid-ocean ridges and produces the rock type known as basalt. (The ocean floor is (MORE)

How are there colors?

we can see colours only because the objects we see reflect part of the visible spectrum. White light is made up of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet light. We can see objects as different colours because they absorb and reflect parts of this visible light. For example, an object that is re (MORE)

What is a color?

White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Brown, Gray, and Black are all colors. For example; The colors of those apples are green, yellow, and red. Another example; The color of the grass in the yard is green. Other definitions of color. 1. Property causing visual sensation 2. (MORE)

What are colorants?

Answer . The word colourants is the British version of colorants, and they add color to objects.

What is a composition?

what the scientific equation is. like o 2 ..... Webster's Dictionary calls composition "arrangement into a specific proportion...in artistic form." That might sound like a lot of work, but believe it or not, you decide on composition when you draw a picture. 2 Composition is where things are pl (MORE)

What is composite?

(of an integer) being the product of two or more factors greaterthan one; not prime. A composite can be defined as a compound made up of severaldifferent elements. Composite-constructed of different materials.

What is a composite?

A composite is the whole thing. As an example, shops. houses, roads, and so on, make up a town.

What are colors?

Colors are different light wavelengths as reflected into and perceived and interpreted by the eye and brain.. Colours are little rays of light that are made from glass or mirrors (Hey, due to the RGB scale that goes to 255, there are a whopping 16,581,375 possible colours!)

Where do we get colors from?

Colors come from the sun's light bouncing off of objects; like if you have a green sheet of paper, it absorbs all colors except green. So it bounces green off of it so that's what you see. Same with secondary colors. Orange bounces red and yellow off of it.

What is color?

Color is the appearance of objects or light sources; caused by theemitance, reflection, or transmittance of light. Color is measured in wavelengths. A sighted person can see many colors with light, because they arereflected into a sighted person's eyes. Other definitions of color. 1. Property ca (MORE)

What are compositions?

Compositions are writings about millions of subjects a person composes himself or herself. The composition can present facts, theories, ideas, unproven notions, opinions, instructions with the facts and explanations or specified themes. Teachers assign compositions to teach us to think, formulate id (MORE)

What is colors?

The property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light. Hope That Helps

Why is there color?

That is what our eyes pick up. If there wasn't any color, our eyes would not be working. Color is the red to green and the cyan to the brown. It is what we see. without it,we only see white,gray,and black. Color is indescribable. So far no one is able to really define it.

How does the characteristic mineral composition of a light colored igneous rock differ from a dark igneous rock?

Light coloured igneous rocks (felsic) tend to have greater silica and aluminum content and a lower iron and magnesium content than dark (mafic) rocks. The common mafic rock forming minerals tend to be the following: . Olivine (Mg, Fe)2SiO4 . Pyroxene - Orthopyroxenes (Mg,Fe)2Si2O6 and Clino (MORE)

Why do you have colors?

we have colors because if we dont see diffrent colors it will only be white and it wil be stuiped to have only white

What is composite colors?

Composite colors are opposite colors. Blue and orange are composite colors, because blue is a primary color that isn't required to make the secondary color, orange. Red and green are composite colors, because green doesn't need red to be made. Yellow and violet are also composite colors.

Why are you the color that you are?

Scientfically speaking genetics as a result of evolution are the likely cause. The skin, as a defense against the sun darkens. After a few generations those nearer to the equator developed darker skin in a response to increased sun. Just like tanning but built into the generations.. Freckles and mo (MORE)

Give two examples of how a rocks color provides clues to the rocks mineral composition?

This is out of "Prentice Hall Science Explorer" MINERAL COMPOSITION AND COLOR "Rocks are made of mixtures of minerals and other materials. Some rocks contain only a single mineral. Others can contain several minerals. These minerals are known as rock-forming minerals. A rock's color provides clues (MORE)

What is composite factors?

All numbers have factors. Some are prime. Some are composite. 3 is a prime factor of 12. 4 is a composite factor of 12.

What is the composition of magma for a Composite volcano?

It is highly variable. Magmas ranging all the way from basaltic to rhyolitic occur in stratovolcanoes. Andesitic magma is the most common type. One stratovolcano erupts carbonatite lava, a carbonate-based melt that is unlikely anything that erupts from any other currently active volcano.

What colors for?

To show beauty. Can you imagine a colorless world? It would be really boring, wouldn't it?

How do you get colors?

Based upon the light spectrum colors are different wavelengths of light. Think about it as on the same wavelength as microwave and gamma.

Why are composite numbers composite numbers?

Well, a composite number is a composite number because it has more than two factors. For example, the number 2 is Prime because it ONLY has 2 factors, which is 2 and 1. Another example is that 30 is a Composite number because it has MORE than 2 factors which are 1, 30, 6, and 5.

Why the white light is regarded as a composition of seven colors?

White light is a composition of many more colors than seven. The presence in white light if any color at all can be demonstrated as follows: -- Mix a chemical dye that absorbs every color of light except the one you want to detect. Saturate a clear, transparent plastic sheet with the dye, and s (MORE)

Why is white light considered as the composition of all colors?

It's not "considered"...it IS the composition of all colors! Light works differently than paint. When you add more and more colors of paint together, you get black paint. When you add more and more colors of light, you get what we call "white" light. It's also referred to as color addition.

What is the paint i.e chemical composition used in color shifting toys?

It's more of a physical effect than a chemical one. The pigment is what makes the toys (or anything else you make with it) color shifting. They start by creating extremely small - 5 micrometers is average - silicon dioxide granules. These granules are coated with metal oxides in various colors to cr (MORE)

What is color-?

Color is the property of an object that is seen by the eye. thereare many different colors.