What are contact and distal gestures?

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contact gestures is when someone touches someone to get something they want. An example would be if someone wanted a cookie they would grab someone or if they did not want a cookie they would push it away. A distal gesture is pointing to soemthing they want.
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What is a gesture?

The word gesture is defined as a movement that is made by a bodypart. This movement is typically the hand or head that signifies anidea or meaning.

What is fractional distalation?

Fractional distillation is a technique used to purify solvents, chemicals, natural products or other materials.

What is a distal pulse?

A distal pulse is found at the far enr of the extremities. A proximalal pulse is found at the torso side of the extremities.

What is a distal phalanx?

A distal phalanx is the finger bone or toe bone farthest toward the tip of the digit. They are numbered one to five and left to right to distinguish them.

Where Distal is?

Distal in anatomy means farther away from a point than anotherpoint. For example, your fingers are distal to your upper arm. Youalways have to compare two things.