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Crips gang signs show alot they show C^, Bk which means blood killer they show C^rip love and six point stars which is also the star of david... The main C^rip color is blue and every C^rip rocks to colors the blue means C^rip but the other color is the rank of their set for example the R20llin C^rip gangs colors are gold and blue gold for the R20llin which is a set and Blue for the C^rip...
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Is notorious BIG in a crip gang?

that isn't true whoever wrote before me because biggie messed with the crips and that's why people suspect he was killed by a crip so can't chat He a member of

The gang crips?

the crip gang is a gang. they are also enemies with the bloods. and the wear blue bandannas and follow the 6 stars

Can you get out of crip gang?

Once you go through the ritual, or Jump-in you can't get out. You can stop banging but you are in the gang...for life.

Is foe a crip or blood gang?

I am a Tongan (from Kingdom of Tonga), and there are Tongan gang in Salt Lake City, Utah and surrounding areas in California but there are many different set of gangs. They're

How do females get jumped in the gang crips?

U just answered ur own question, that's one way females can get into the Crips gang by getting jumped in by male and female Crip members.....and there are other ways that fema

What gang was Lil Wayne in when he was a Crip?

Bacc then, lil Wayne was on GD Folks but after Mac 10 showed birdman how his hood do it in Cali, Birdman decieded 2 roll wit the red nd of course Lil Wayne followed bkuz that'
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What is crips gang?

The Crips are a gang that started in Los Angeles Cali in the 1960's. Their founders are Raymond Washington & Stanley Tookie Williams. Crips wear the color navy blue & their ri

Who are the crips street gang?

The Crips are a gang that started in Los Angeles, Cali in 1969. Their founders are Stanley Tookie Williams & Raymond Washington. The Crips wear the color blue & are rivals to
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Is Taylor gang a crip gang?

no. "Taylor gang" is a group or clique that hangs out with, or has preformed with, wiz kalifah. some say that Taylor gang is now a way of life, a way of thinking, or a social

What does crip mean to the crip gang?

C.R.I.P.=Community Revolutionary In Progress Crips flag a navy blue bandana on the left side of their back pocket, the color blue for Crips stands for... B.L.U.E.=Blood Killin
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What are some of the gang signs used by the Crips?

Some gang signs used by the Crips are a secret alphabet code that only they can understand.If you go to gangsareus they have the code.They also use hand signs to communicate w