What are culture and identity of Tokelau?

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Lulture and identity of Tokelau is characterized by sided community relationships,which is aimed at maintaining egalitarianism and prevent conflict.
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What is cultural identity?

Cultural Identity is a person's background and also how youcan refer to a person. A person's culture is usually where they arefrom, what language they speak, and their religi

What is Tokelau?

They are three tiny atolls, they lie half way between New Zealand and Hawaii and have a total surface area just 10 kilometres and a population of about 1,500.

Definition of cultural identity?

Cultural Identity is basically a group with whom you associate yourself. This can be based on where you live, genetic commonalities, or differeces, history, nationality, langu

How is culture identity maintained in NZ?

Maori is still working through the Declaration of Independence with the Crown which includes the Treaty of Waitangi. These contracts help identify Maori and their needs, cultu

How do culture and race affect identity?

See the movie 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' and you'll see. When a woman with heavy greek culture falls for a man who can't even pronounce some words properly, what can she do?.

How does culture affect our identity?

Cultural identity is a topic of extensive anthropological research. Individuals identify with different groups, such as their gender, race, nationality, class, religion, and s

What is the culture of Tokelau?

Tokelau is under the sovereignty of New Zeland, but the cultures are seperate. If you are from Tokelau, you are Tokelauan. Tokelau is it's own culture. Some Tokelauans have be

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Cultural identity occurs everywhere in our world, everyone has a culture and therefore identity comes along with it. The definition of identity is;(The set of behavioral or pe

How did aboriginals lose their culture and identity?

abouriginals have been a very quiet harmless people until the white man came and thought theyd teach us thier culture and put us in residential school to kill the native in th