What are culture and identity of Tokelau?

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Lulture and identity of Tokelau is characterized by sided community relationships,which is aimed at maintaining egalitarianism and prevent conflict.
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What is cultural identity?

Cultural Identity is a person's background and also how youcan refer to a person. A person's culture is usually where they arefrom, what language they speak, and their religion. Usually you eatfood according to your culture, and your traditions are accordingto your religion. For example, I am a Mus (MORE)

Is religion an important part of cultural identity?

It depends a lot on your culture. If you live somewhere where everyone has different beliefs, or no beliefs at all, and your interactions are based on other things, then there is probably a minimum of "religious identity" built into your cultural one. An example might be a suburban US city, where pe (MORE)

How is the cultural identity of a society defined?

A society's cultural identity is defined by the beliefs, practices,morals, and culture of a people. Also adding to the culturalidentity is how the culture as a whole relates to the subculturesof which it is inevitably composed.

What is Tokelau?

They are three tiny atolls, they lie half way between New Zealand and Hawaii and have a total surface area just 10 kilometres and a population of about 1,500.

What is the relationship between culture and identity?

Culture is the lifestyle of a group of people, and identity is the characteristics of a specific person.. OR . Culture and identity are too different and too similar.. Culture is what you are taught by the people around you and identity is that what is yours.. Culture can be common in two or mor (MORE)

Definition of cultural identity?

Cultural Identity is basically a group with whom you associate yourself. This can be based on where you live, genetic commonalities, or differeces, history, nationality, language, idiology, values, business, education, even aethetics. The divisions between cultures can be very fine in some parts of (MORE)

What is the capital of Tokelau?

Tokelau is a territory of New Zealand. It does not have an officialcapital, but the largest town is Atafu. The capital of New Zealandis Wellington.

How is culture identity maintained in NZ?

Maori is still working through the Declaration of Independence with the Crown which includes the Treaty of Waitangi. These contracts help identify Maori and their needs, culture and comfort.

What is the cultural identity of Haiti?

Haitians primarily are the descendants of enslaved Africans andmulattoes. Haiti ended slavery in 1804 with the second successfulcolonial revolution in the New World after the 13 English coloniesgained theirs. However unlike the US, Haiti was forced to payreparations (150 million francs; $22 billion (MORE)

How has contemporary artists explored cultural identity?

There have been several contemporary artists who have demonstrated their cultural identity through their work. One of the most important would be the Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo. She often painted herself surrounded by elements of Mexican culture, such as the monkey.

How do culture and race affect identity?

See the movie 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' and you'll see. When a woman with heavy greek culture falls for a man who can't even pronounce some words properly, what can she do?. Seriously, it's a difficult question to answer without a whole essay's worth of writing...

How can parent influenc their children's culture identity?

If you're a parent you influence your child's culture identity without even trying. This most commonly happens by raising the child surrounded by the customs and qualities of it's parents heritage. However, if the child has a different cultural heritage from one or both parents, this culture can be (MORE)

List four customs or behaviors in Iraq cultural identity?

Tea houses are commonly scattered over Iraq, and in the afternoon it is a habit for shopkeepers to retreat into the back with a close circle of friends to sip tea over gossip, an Iraqi "siesta".. Rites of passage are mainly centered on children being schooled enough to correctly read the Quran, qui (MORE)

What is the relationship between religion and cultural identity?

A Culture is a plethora of traditions shared and passed down within a particular group of people. Religion/spiritual beliefs happen to be one of these traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. So if you're looking to find your identity within your culture, it's religion is one o (MORE)

How does culture affect our identity?

Cultural identity is a topic of extensive anthropological research. Individuals identify with different groups, such as their gender, race, nationality, class, religion, and sexual orientation. Many of the differences between these groups are created by culture, so those who identify with a certain (MORE)

How does your identity affect your culture?

Culture is made up of the beliefs and practices of individuals. An individual identity can influence the culture if it is highly visible. Examples of this include Politicians or Entertainers who started trends that are still visible many years later.

What is the relationship between culture and identity in Kenya?

It is everything. I have lived in Kenya for 23 years and for the African his culture is who he is. He is community. His identity is his family, tribe and family. Don't cross with any of this. Now some of this is changing in the cities but if you are in the rural areas this is still the norm.

What is Tokelau fatele?

Tokelau Fateles are traditional Tokelaun dances. There are alot of different dances and songs and these are peformed mainly at celebrations

What is American cultural identity?

Hm. That's a good question. I've never thought about that. Well, I think most people believe that Americans are all fat, loud, annoying people who like hamburgers and milk shakes.... Not true. And definitely not our cultural identity. Those are all stereotypes. American cultural identity... it's (MORE)

What is the significance of The Iliad and The Odyssey for Greek culture and identity?

The Iliad was essentially an expression of collective Hellenic history. During the time it was composed, the western coast of modern-day Turkey and its surrounding islands was called Ionia at the time, in the 8th century BC. The Ionians, migrants from the mainland and other, more western islands suc (MORE)

Is there any cultural identity in modern India?

Youth of India are facing a time of identity crisis. They are split among their status groups, income groups, and generation groups among others. They are fraught with anxiety over their conflicting image. They have a desire to uphold their Indian traditions, while similarly attempting to keep up wi (MORE)

In Tokelau do they have hostpitals?

Tokelau has does actually have hospitals. They don't look like hospitals located in other countries they are pretty small compared to other hospitals and they don't do any surgery. They can't do anything serious like stitching your leg or your head. But to make a long story short, yes they do have h (MORE)

How do Scotland and Wales keep their cultural identities different from the English?

There are many ways. You could write a book about this. In Wales, Welsh is now spoken and used significantly and is taught in schools. In Scotland the accent and dialect are also noticeably different (although there are variations within Scotland as within England). The countries have their own trad (MORE)

How can cultural identity shape how you understand other?

If you understand what cultural identity is then you know that there are many cultures with many different religions and beliefs. You began to understand why a person does certain things, why they talk the way they talk, why they say certain words in certain demeanors, you began to understand their (MORE)

What is the culture of Tokelau?

Tokelau is under the sovereignty of New Zeland, but the cultures are seperate. If you are from Tokelau, you are Tokelauan. Tokelau is it's own culture. Some Tokelauans have been generations from Samoa and Spain.

What is culture and what makes up a nation's identity?

Culture is an integral part of every society. It is a learned pattern of behavior and ways in which a person lives his or her life. Culture is essential for the existence of a society, because it binds people together. In the explicit sense of the term, culture constitutes the music, food, arts and (MORE)

What is the cultural identity of Catholics?

Many Hispanic, Italian, Irish, and French people tend to be Catholic. . Answer from a Catholic There are Catholics in every single country on earth, even Antarctica has a mission chaplain. Apostles took the faith to China and India in the first century, there was a fervent Catholic faith flourish (MORE)

What do Tokelau people like to eat?

They like to eat food that come from the coconut tree and from the sea because they're are nice and fresh to eat. Like fresh fish from the sea and others and the coconut tree fresh to drink and fresh to eat. TE MALIE

Modernism theory of culture and identity?

Modernism theory of culture and identity has helped people appreciate multiculturalism. Most people did not have a culture that they can identify with as a result of various influences in the society.

Where does cultural identity occur?

Cultural identity occurs everywhere in our world, everyone has a culture and therefore identity comes along with it. The definition of identity is;(The set of behavioral or personal characteristics by which an individual is recognizable as a member of a group), so this states that your culture can g (MORE)

How does Easter add to the Australian identity and culture?

Easter is the greatest Christian feast. As Australia was founded on a Christian bases culture, it shouldn't be adding too much, but considering the multicultural Australia that we are living in the Feast of Easter (Pascha) brings among the non Christians the name and information about our Lord.

How did aboriginals lose their culture and identity?

abouriginals have been a very quiet harmless people until the white man came and thought theyd teach us thier culture and put us in residential school to kill the native in the child but mostly killed the child. abouriginals today lost their identity but are stronger and still trying to learn thier (MORE)

How religion influences your cultural identity for example Christianity?

Being a Christian does not change your cultural identity, unless your cultural identity is identified by the religion that you follow - e.g. you are a Jew because you are in a Jewish culture, and an Islamic one is the same....but there are Christian (Messianic) Jews and similar with people who conve (MORE)

How might artworks communicate a cultures identity and ideal?

Artworks communicate a culture's identity and ideal through theirfood, their artwork, their writings, their culture, and theirmusic. These means of communication are virtually easily translatedbetween all world cultures no matter the language barrier.

How did Europeans become aware of Japanese culture and identity?

It all started with marco polo. After marco polo visited Japan, he wrote a paper making a description about Japan (Back then called Zipangu). After that, the identity of Japan gets widespread across Europe. Marco Polo included many facts about the Japanese, but some people say it's fabricated.