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They are a food dish you have after a main course at dinner. Usually a sweet dish.
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How do you store desserts?

You store desserts as you would any type of food, keeping cold food cold and hot food hot. Obviously it depends on which dessert you are referring to but as a rule of thumb if

What is the meaning of dessert?

the sweet course eaten at the end of a meal An optional dish consumed after the main meal, usually (but not necessarily) something sweet consumed primarily for pleasure rather

Are there any desserts in Louisiana?

The guy in the commercial says, "Say Louisiana or there's no dessert." Apparently a lot of people, myself included, heard it wrong. But, think about it. Could there really be

A sentence for dessert?

The waitress accidentally tripped and dropped a customer's dessert.

Is a flambeau a dessert?

No. A flambeau is a torch. A Flambe is a method of cooking. Some desserts are Flambed

What desserts start with a A?

Apple pie Alamode, Applesauce, Apricot Pie,   apple pie, angel cake, apple upside down cake???,

What desserts do they eat?

they ate ice cream and more by kattie

What did peasants have for dessert in medieval times?

Dessert was not something peasants had commonly. They had pies and pastries available, and some of these had fruit filling. Apple pie existed for a long time before it was inv

What are the Korean desserts?

There are many varities of Korean desserts. Some traditional ones are rice cakes, cinnamon extracts, rice drinks, and rice crackers. All of these are really good, especially r

What are dessert teas?

"Dessert Teas" are teas that are best served for dessert. Usually they have a very clean taste, are sweet, and are good for calming the stomach and cleansing the pallatte. The

Why are desserts dry?

Desserts can be dry for many reasons. First thing to look at is the recipe, did it come from a reputable source? If your source if "iffy" cross reference online to make sure t