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They are a food dish you have after a main course at dinner. Usually a sweet dish.
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What does dessert mean?

Dessert is a food that is eaten after a main course. It may be  considered part of the meal or coming after it. Some desserts  include cake, pie, ice cream, puddings, and mo

What is the classification of dessert?

Desserts are classified in 6 types:    fruit dessert   gelatin dessert   milk dessert   biscuits, cakes and pastries dessert   whipped cream dessert 

What is a dessert wine?

  A dessert wine is a wine that it is sweeter than other wines. The dryness of a wine is measured in numbers with a one being a dryer wine and most of the sugar content ha

Is cornbread a dessert?

Not usually. Cornbread is bread. Cornbread  can be mixed with just about anything you want, even sweets; so you  could make a sort of "poor man's dessert" with it, but I gre

What is dessert in French?

'un dessert' (masc.) - that's a French word It would be the same. Le dessert.

What is a dessert?

  it is a food which you mainly eat after your dinner. It is often sweet or fruity.

What makes a dessert a dessert?

  The only thing that makes a dessert a dessert is that it is served as the last course to a meal. Desserts are commonly sweet foods however, cheeses, fruits and nuts fall

What is the precipitation of the dessert?

No one knows. Dessert is often created by chefs and their consistency depends on the cooking method. Can you really spell? Desert is what you want. Dessert is not something an

What is a cookie dessert?

A cookie dessert is any dessert with cookies in it. A cookie is a baked good made of flour, butter, sugar, and optional fillings. You can make any number of desserts based on