What are eskimo brothers?

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Eskimo Brothers are men that have slept with the same woman. At one time or another, they 'shared an igloo'. It's similar to "wiener cousins". There's an article or two about it on Urban Dictionary.
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What are facts about Eskimos?

Eskimo or Eskimos is an American Indian and seldom if ever use the term Eskimo (meaning eaters of raw meat) to describe themselves, the word they use (depending on what area their from), Canadian Indians use the word "Inuit" , in Alaska they use "Inupiat" and/or "Yupik" , the Siberian word is " (MORE)

Where do Eskimos live?

Eskimo has become an emotive term and it is now more widely accepted that the term Inuit is used instead, although this has its limitations. The Inuit live in the Arctic region of the world.

What do Eskimos wear?

Most Eskimos wear jeans and shirts and so on, just like you do. . Some Eskimos, particularly elders, do sometimes wear more traditional clothing, however. The traditional garb (shirts, shoes, coats, etc.) is made from the skins of different Alaskan mammals, including bear, seal, muskox, and so on. (MORE)

What are eskimos?

Eskimos is the North American name given to an ancient people, indigenous to and inhabiting, the arctic regions of North America, Greenland, and Siberia. See related links for details of the many people who comprise this unique people.

How do Eskimos live?

eskimo use tents of caribou skins or seal skins for summer.In cold times, houses were built of sod, driftwood, ofr sometimes stone, placed over the floors.Eskimo relied on sea mammals for food,illumination,cooking oil and weapons. In order to find those animals, it was necessary for the Eskimos to l (MORE)

What do Eskimos work as?

They inhabit the area from Siberia to Alaska traditionally. They don't really have a specific job. They just keep their tribe surviving. Other answer The ones in Canada are in contact with us. They are very productive people, participating in governmental activities construction of towns. They (MORE)

How do eskimos fish?

They make Holes in the Ice just like Fishing in a lake But They Are in a Frozen Lake. Most Common Called Ice Fishing

What race are Eskimos?

The Inuit people are the most widely dispersed people in the world according to the information found at the Houston Family website. The areas where they live include Greenland, the northern part of North America and an area of eastern Siberia. The Inuit are racially related to the Mongolian groups (MORE)

What eskimos do?

Eskimo is simply the name for native people in regions of Alaskaand Siberia. They donâ??t necessarily all do the same things; theyjust share the same ancestors.

Who are the Edmonton Eskimos?

The Edmonton Eskimos are a community-owned, professional football team, playing in the Canadian Football League (CFL). Their colours are green and gold.. They began operations in 1949, led by the legendary Annis Stukus. In the mid-1950s, led by another legend, Jackie Parker, they tied a record by w (MORE)

Why do Eskimos sweat?

because, why does any one in the world sweat? how are eskimos any different(and that's not even politically correct, they arent called eskimos, they are called inuit)

How do you say eskimo in eskimo?

There is no such language as Eskimo. Eskimo is a culture that speaks many languages of the Yupik, Inuit, and Aleut language families.

Where did the eskimos live?

I believe they lived in Alaska or another cold place. I know that the eskimos lived mostly the top of Alaska. But I do know that there are Eskimos that are scattered around Alaksa as well.

Why are eskimos black?

Everyone has melanin pigmments in their skin. As long as you're not white as rice, anyone can tan. The black that you're talking about is just a really dark tan brought on by spending too much time in the sun.

What is Eskimo spirituality?

The main spirituality of the Eskimo or Inuit people is Shamanism.This belief system focuses on the interconnectivity of all life. Italso includes many stories containing powerful beings and shapeshifting.

How do eskimos hunt?

The Eskimos are expert hunters. They mainly depend on animals for their food. Their main hunting weapon, the harpoon is used for catching whales, large fish and seals.

What did Eskimos live in?

According to experts, most Eskimos dwell in snow-shaped domes inthe Arctic called igloos. Contrary to its appearance, the iglooskeep Eskimos warm and comfortable inside.

What are eskimo kisses?

when a loved one rubs he or she nose pashionately against the others then it. leads to the lips seriously if you kissed some one before you probably did it but. didnt know it

What is an eskimo nebula?

The Eskimo Nebula is a planetary nebula (an area of gas surrounding, and orbiting around, a central star) that looks vaguely like a face with a furry parka hood. See the links for photos and more details.

What traditions do Eskimos have?

Eskimos have their own traditions and way of life. For example,they believe that some of their people are shamans and have theability to control the weather and can heal you. It is alsotradition to have all family members live together whether marriedor not.

How do Eskimos get around?

today they use snow machines or four wheelers and to get to father places they use small air planes. . or Alaska Airlines. =). back in the day they used dogs hooked up to sleds.. dog mushing . mushing . iditarod

How do you do an Eskimo roll?

An eskimo roll actually has nothing to do with eskimos at all. It's when you're in a kayak in a river and your boat flips and you put your weight into the roll and you come back up on top of the water.

What is an Eskimo pie?

It is an ice cream treat on a stick. Vanilla ice cream covered with a hard chocolate shell with on a stick. (Similar to a fudgsicle, but vanilla in the middle instead of chocolate all the way through.)

Why do eskimos have huskys?

they have huskys because they are easy trained dogs, they are cold friendly, and somewhat good hunters in the Alasken weather.

Where do you find eskimos?

eskimos are found in alaska. along with the inuits, those are the two main tribes of native north america.

What are eskimos values?

Love, Respect, Family, Generosity, Cooperation, Honesty, Oneness, Trust, Mastery, Strength. I know this because I'm an Eskimo.

What is the origin of eskimo?

The Inuit crossed the landbridge between modern day Russia and the United States, so I am sure it is safe to say that the Inuit are originally from Siberia.

What do Eskimos do for fun?

The Inuit people have a great respect for the outdoors and they will hunt and fish and look after their families, they do not have tradional 'fun' but they do have many get-togethers and help each other in time of need.

What do eskimos do for work?

It depends if they live in the city or in a village. If they live in the city, they do what everyone else does: whatever they can find. Whether it be McDonalds or if they went to school and did something better for themselves they can find work. If they live in a village, they can't; they simply liv (MORE)

What do Eskimoes live in?

Eskimos live in houses. they no longer live in igloos after white people started building houses for them and that was in late 1800's and early 1900's

Are eskimos nomads?

Certain groups used to until the government forced them to pick a spot to live.

Did the eskimos get cold?

All humans can get cold. The Inuit know how to dress for the weather. They also know how to build shelter when conditions require them to stop traveling and wait for less extreme weather conditions. Once a good shelter is built, it takes little fuel to warm things up to what even we would find toler (MORE)

Why did eskimos eat what they did?

Because it was the only way they could survive in such a harsh environment. Eskimos cannot grow plants or produce crops in an area where the permafrost is only a few inches from the surface, and the window for growing such crops is much too narrow for the crops to even grow or survive.

Who was Quinn the Eskimo?

Quinn the Eskimo, who changes despair into joy and chaos into rest, and attracts attention from animals.

What do eskimos do in Alaska?

Eskimos are native people who live in cold climates like northern Alaska but not the north and south poles. They hunt, live and do similar stuff as to cavemen.

Do Eskimos have knees?

Eskimos are humans, humans have knees. Unless you were born with a disablilty or had a freak accident, you have knees.

What is a palindrome for eskimos?

Eskimos is not actually a palindrome. A palindrome is a word that, spelt backwards makes the same word. Example: Racecar/Racecar, Hannah/Hannah, Otto/Otto, Bob/Bob In recent years, Eskimo has come to be regarded as offensive. Thepeoples inhabiting the regions from northwestern Canada to westernGre (MORE)

Was Hitler an Eskimo?

While the infamous Adolph Hitler was NOT an Eskimo, there was an Alaskan Eskimo (Inuit) who shared that historically unfortunate name at around the same time that the German Chancellor was in power. There's a newspaper article announcing the birth of Adolph (the Inuit's son), complete with a joke (MORE)

How did the eskimos get to Canada?

"Eskimos" a group of First Nations people more properly called Inuit have been in Canada's north for at least 10,000 years. They are part of a circumpolar civilization which originated in Asia. Speculation is that they followed the marine animals and caribou that they hunted and eventually populated (MORE)

What is a eskimo dog?

A eskimo is a breed of dog that many eskimo's use to pull there sleds but can be found in america too

What are eskimos religions?

The Eskimos worship the Great and Holy Seal God. To make the power of the seal god enter your home, write the following phrase on your bedroom wall: eh-eh-ma-nu Just kidding they're all terrorists.

What is Eskimo Cocaine?

Eskimo cocaine is an all natural ash that you add to your dip or chewing tobacco to intensify the effects of the nicotine. Despite the name, it is not related to the illegal drug, cocaine. It will mess you up, don't try unless you're used to nicotine. It's made from a fungus harvested off a paper bi (MORE)

Are Eskimos in Antarctica?

No. There is no native population or indigenous peoples on thecontinent. It's too cold, dry and dark to support animal life.