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Ethics is a branch of philosophy which seeks to address questions about morality; that is, about concepts such as good and bad, right and wrong, justice, and virtue.
They are the moral principles that govern the behavior of a group or a person.
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What do ethics and ethical behavior have to do with finance?

Answer   Would you entrust your money to someone you thought was unethical? Would you risk heavy fines and possible jail time for skimming funds from a client?   Peopl

What is work ethic?

According to wikipedia, "Work ethic is a set of values based on hard work and diligence." When one has work ethic, they know their responsibilities to fulfil a task. Jobs alwa

What is ethical?

  ethical: right and wrong; having to do with morals, values, and requiring a prescription for purchase.   sentence: new developments in medicine often lead to discussi

Why are ethics important to you?

  ethics are a value system or code of honor. they help regulate fairness and truth leading to positive outcoms.

What are ethical implications?

It means the morality implied by something, like how the right to  privacy is implied by the Constitution.    Or the moral(s) that aren't specifically stated by someth

What is ethics and business ethics?

Ethics means someone's principle which leads to good or bad future in the process of any operation, personal or professional. Business ethics means the scale where you measure

What is will in ethics?

The word "will" in ethics refers to human free will, which is simply our ability to make decisions. It's important to praise or blame someone only when that person has an alt

Is spanking ethical?

NO!!!!!! It's cruel and shouldn't be used to punish children.  >:(     Well it depends how you see it, when i was a kid round my 7 or so  years my mom spanked me w

What is an ethical wall?

An ethical wall is an environment in which an attorney or a paralegal is isolated from a particular case or client to avoid a conflict of interest or to protect a client's con

What is Ethicalism?

When the society is based on Ethics its called ethicalism. It has best of Capitalism and Socialism.

What are ethics morals and values?

Simply put, "ethics, morals and values" are the 'rules of life' we all live by. Because there are so many of us that use the English language, these three terms are closely re