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Nicky as a child was brutally abused by his parents his mum was a devil worshiper and his father was a witch doctor When he was about 16 his mother and father sent him to live with his older brother, who was married. He moved out of his brothers place just 2 months after, then he was holding people at knife point just to get money to pay his rent.  Soon after he joined the vicious gang, called the Mau Maus, the leader was killed, then the deputy leader was taken to jail. The Gang decided that it was time Nicky was in charge, so they made him leader.  27 people we killed by the Mau Maus while Nicky was in the gang!!
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Why did Nicky Cruz turn Christian?

Nicky Cruz turned christian because there was a man called david wilkerson. david was a preacher and he came to the New York where nicky hung aroung wiht his crew. the preache

What are facts about Mission Santa Cruz?

Mission Santa Cruz was founded by Father Fermín Lasuén on  September 25, 1791. It is located at 126 High Street, Santa Cruz,  California.

How did nicky cruz join the mau maus?

he went through their initiation ceremony. out of having a knife thrown at him or getting beaten up by 5 of the toughest gang members he chose getting beaten up and wasn't abl

Is Nicky Cruz still alive?

Yes, he still has a preaching ministry. And is going to be 70 years old this saturday, (6/12/08)

Where did nicky cruz live?

Nicky cruz lived with his parents in San Juan, Puerto Rico but he was always getting into trouble so at the age of 16 he was sent to new york to live with his older brother
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How did Nicky Cruz put Jesus' teachings into practice?

I first read Nicky Cruz's Run Nicky Run when I was in my  early teens. It made a lasting impression on me and I still  remember the book vividly as an adult. There was no re

How did Christianity influence Nicky Cruz's life?

Christianity improved Nicky Cruz's life greatly because David Wilkerson helped Nicky Cruz by telling him that God loved him. Cruz was shocked and threatened to kill him. A few

What was Nicky Cruz life like before he become a Christian?

Cruz was born in Las Piedras, Puerto Rico where he was raised by  his parents.   His parents practiced brujeria and were followers of spiritism  ("espiritismo").   T