What are five kids called if they were born at the same time?

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fivetuplets is the correct term. Not quite. QUINTUPLETS
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Where can you find information about a place called Five Stages in Logan Square in Chicago around 1969-1970 or a place called Lolly's on Rush St around the same time?

Five Stages . Five Stages was located in an old Masonic temple at 2451 N. Kedzie. Searching the Chicago Tribune using ProQuest will produce a number of concert listings, and a good general article about the venue appeared on page A12 of the Chicago Tribune, 8 March 1970. In April 1970 the venue (MORE)

Babies born at the same time?

NO, babies are not born at the same time cause you take seconds to give birth NO babies are not born at the same time

What is five babies born to the same mother?

They need to do way instain mother> who kill their babbies, because these babby can't frigth back? It was on the news this morning a mother in AR, who had kill her three kids. They are taking the three babby back to New York too a lady to rest. My pary are with the father who lost his chrilden ; i a (MORE)

What are nine babies born at the same time called?

Truly, no-one has ever had nine babies born at the same time. If they had, they'd probably be called nonuplets or nonaplets. There have been 2 women that I know of who have given birth to 9 babies in the one pregnancy, a Malaysian woman and an Australian, sadly none of the babies survived. I do beli (MORE)

What do you call it when your age is the same as the date you were born?

\nWeird.\n. \nSeriously, I have no idea what the hell you're talking about. It sounds like a random coincidence where two completely unrelated numbers magically become related, and everybody says OMG! IT MUST BE SIGNIFICANT! but in reality it's completely irrelevant and all those people are just s (MORE)

Can twins be born at the same time?

It is not humanly possible to push out two full sized babies at the same time through a 10 cm hole. I mean, could you imagine?! Babies can be born minutes, or even seconds apart, but it is not possible for you to have TWO babies at the exact same time. Thinking about it makes me cringe. This answer (MORE)

Why are twins born same time?

Because two egg cells are in the uterus at the same time and maturing. Identical twins are one egg cell that separated, that's why some babies are born connected. Fraternal children are when two egg cells enter the uterus and mature at the same time. That's why they don't look identical.

6 children born at same time?

if i think i know what your talking about 6 children can be born at the same time but it is very complicated............... if i think i know what your talking about 6 children can be born at the same time but it is very complicated............... if i think i know what your talking about 6 childr (MORE)

What do you call 10 babies born to the same mother at the same time?

Decaplets Here's the full list of terms for multiple births: · Two offspring - twins · Three offspring - triplets · Four offspring - quadruplets · Five offspring - quintuplets · Six offspring - sextuplets · Seven offspring - septuplets · Eight offspr (MORE)

Were kids clothes the same as adults in Medieval times?

Pretty much. There were two phases to people's lives and that was baby and adult. The idea of a "teen" doesn't happen until the 1940's. So, there was no real specialized clothing for children. When you look at the paintings of the time the children are shown dressed as adults.

What do you call 6 babies born at the same time?

Sextuplets When six babies are born from the same mother and pregnancy, they are called sextuplets. Here are the names for other multiple births; 2 - twins 3 - triplets 4 - quadruplets 5 - quintuplets 6 - sextuplets 7 - septuplets 8 - octuplets 9 - nonuplets 10 - decuplets (MORE)

How many kids can a 14 year old watch at the same time?

There is no "right" number to how many kids one can babysit, so it's completely up to you! I'm thirteen, and my limit is 4, so I know I can keep track of them... set your limit on how many you're comfortable with! Good luck!

What is the disease called when kids are born old?

They condition when children undergo accelerated premature aging is known as Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome. It occurs for one in eight million people. Most people who have this syndrome live for about thirteen years.

How do you get a sim to have three kids at the same time in Sims 2 Double Deluxe?

you have to find the triplet download for the sims 2 and then it should help you from there just look it up on google! or since downloading things can often damage your computer you can just get pregnant and poull up the cheatbox, CTRL SHIFT C, then type "forcetwins" no need to capitalize anything (MORE)

When was the stonehedge roughly born the same time as?

Stonehedge was not born but made by someone or something unknown to mankind at this time although there have been many Theories such as Aliens (Unlikley) or it could be a Observation point for something. In answer to the question no one knows

What do you call someone that can be opposites at the same time?

A person that can feel or express two emotions at a time is usually called an ambivalence. An example of an ambivalence could be someone like this: -I am angry and happy at the same time. -I cried of sad happiness. Ambivalence people are usually uncommon. They can sometimes spread as a nuc (MORE)

Do kids in daycare pass the same cold multiple times?

Yes. I've worked in a daycare for a while now, and there are constant germs flying around. Playing with the same toys just transfer the germs to each other causing them to constantly get sick. As a teacher at a daycare, I got the same cold multiple times, as do I see it among the children. I recomme (MORE)

Why does china have five times zones but the country is on the same time?

China doesn't "have five time zones". It has only one, which iswhat "the country is on the same time" means. If China were divided strictly by longitude, it would span 5 timezones (from UST+5 in the west to UST+9 in the extreme northeasterncorner). China apparently considers having a single time f (MORE)

What is ten kids born at once called?

2 twins 3 triplets 4 quadruplets 5 quintuplets 6 sextuplets 7 septuplets 8 octuplets 9 nonuplets 10 dectuplets 11 hendecuplets 12 dodectuplets 13 tredecaplets 14 quartdecatuplets 15 quindectuplets 16 sedectuplets 17 septendectuplets 18 decennoctuplets 19 decennovtuplets 20 vigetuplets