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What are gays?

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Gay's are Homosexuals. Men or Women who are attracted sexually to their own gender.
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How can you be gay?

You are either gay or you are not. You are born gay. People born gay have absolutely no control over. Heterosexual relationships are just as confusing to gay people as homosex

Why are you gay?

Here are various user opinions: . Because gay people are awesome! . It's probably combination of environment and genetics, orperhaps God blessed you. . No one is really

Do you get gay?

Most people are born that way. They soon or later realize that they are attracted to the same gender. But I believe all people are bi.

Do you have to be gay?

If you are gay, then you have to be gay. It's not a choice. You  are either born gay or you are not.    The choice is in how you handle it. You can choose a happy life

Who is gay?

people who are physically and/or emotionally attracted to members of the same gender are gay.

Will you be gay?

Being gay is up to you its what ever you want to be if you like girls if you like guys. Its who you are. Being gay is when you like the same sex just and FYI

Can a he be gay?

i honestly don't know what your trying to ask me because, really ANYONE can be gay...

Who can be gay?

Anyone. About 5% of the population is gay, so it is less common  than left-handedness.    Studies have shown that homosexuality appears to be a semi-rare  genetic tra

Who are gays?

"Gay" means a homosexually oriented person, a person who is primarily or exclusively sexually attracted to others of the same sex: men to men, or women to women. In the US the