What are good jobs that pay well under the table?

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Strippers might make up to 500 dollars a night cash or as little as 50 an night if the customers are cheap and bring singles. Best nights for work are bachelor party nights, birthdays, St. Patrick's Day,weekends, Halloween and New Years. If you don't want it as your official job, you can always do amateur nights just make sure it coincides with one of the many events listed above or you wont get much.
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Where can you find a job cleaning that pays well?

It depends upon what type of cleaning and the geographical location where the person would like to be employed. Most cleaning agencies that specialize in private homes start their personnel at $8-$10.00 hr. with few benefits. Major cleaning companies such as OnSource which handles large corporate bu (MORE)

Where can a 12-year-old who is good at working with his hands find a job that pays well?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nIn the United States you cannot work construction until you are eighteen years old, for safety reasons. However, as the construction industry desperately needs qualified hands, I suggest you gain experience in any way you can by applying yourself to tasks you enjoy. (MORE)

Good paying jobs?

There are many good paying jobs with or without a college degree.Tech jobs, medical jobs and sales jobs are good paying jobs.Engineering jobs and HVAC repair jobs are also good paying jobs.Surveyors, medical assistants and legal secretaries are also goodpaying jobs.

What are under the table jobs?

"Under the table" jobs are those that you work for someone (or yourself) and no taxes are reported to the government. Typically they are low income enough to not warrent any investigations by the IRS but there are some which do.. Typical jobs may include: babysitting, car-washing, painters, ametu (MORE)

What well-paying jobs are there for minors?

Best paying job strategy for minors . I have a two part answer for you. First, decide to work where you can learn a great deal from someone else there (a superior). That was your skills will increase and you will be able to EARN extra money wherever you go, regardless of the starting wage. Fro (MORE)

Where can you find a good paying job?

Do a search for " jobs for teens that pay over $25" and learn about the high paying power plant jobs that are offered to applicants without a college degree. jobs are becoming available because older workers are retiring after 30 - 40 years at their power plant jobs...... many of them started whe (MORE)

Where can you find an under the table job?

Anywhere; usually private business owners. The problem is there is no offical place to search them out since they are techincally illegal and have several ramifications for both the employer and employee.

What are the available good paying jobs?

Good paying jobs can be found in the power supply industry where power plant jobs are becoming available as the older workers retire. Many good paying jobs are offered to applicants without a college degree. Do a search for - power plant jobs without college

What good paying jobs can you get with a GED?

Answer . Pretty much the same as one can get with a full HS Diploma. You could get a CDL and drive bus or truck - some truck operators make well over $50k per year. You could work for a government contractor doing assembly or test work. The list is virtually endless - of course, the bette (MORE)

What jobs pay well?

jobs that pay well are buririto and corndog kiosk salesman, belgian waffle waitress, a danish, bunt cake. SUPAKOO energy drink salesman, Justin beiber's body guards against godzilla. Mario and louigis mechanic. princess peaches insurance company. bathing turtles. escargot taster. a Michael Jackson i (MORE)

What would be a good major that you can go to school for if you are good at putting things together and what kind of well paying job could you receive afterwards?

You might want to look at some of the applied science areas such as, mechanical engineering technology, electronics engineering technology, or robotics engineering technology. You can search for schools with these majors by clicking on the related links section (College Board) indicated below. Each (MORE)

What job pays well with lots of travel?

A Hedge fund manager requires a lot of climbing up the corporate ladder, but once you are at the top the pay is enormous and you get to travel to interesting locations to investigate international property prices and see how well other countrys's economies are doing. Then, clients pay you to invest (MORE)

What are good paying jobs for women?

There are many good paying jobs for women. She could be a doctor,nurse, lawyer, actress, actor, IT professional, or CEO of acompany. All of these jobs pay well.

Which jobs pay good money?

These are some of the high paid jobs. Doctor (Surgical) earns between 350, 000 - 650, 000 bucks/p year Normal Doctor earns between 250, 000 - 400, 000 bucks/p year Lawyer earns between 300, 000 - 550, 000 bucks/p year Architect earns between 250, 000 - 450, 000 bucks/p year High School/ U (MORE)

Do graphic design jobs pay well?

Yes, especially in areas such as NYC. Answer That all depends on the skills of the graphic designer and whether he/she can produce work that makes people want to pay top dollar. Please... Can we stop pumping posies up young people's skirts. The graphic design industry is one of the worst career c (MORE)

Does travel tourism jobs pay well?

Travel tourism jobs can pay well. It depends if you are a travelagent or a tour guide. Tour guides do not make much, but travelagents usually get bonuses or commission on what they sell.

What jobs are in high demand that pay well?

Jobs in upper management always pay above average.Anesthesiologists, physicians, and those in the technical tradesalso pay well. These jobs can pay over $100,000 per year.

What are good paying jobs for teens?

\n. Working in a restaurant. Ive been woking at one for 2 years. Honestly, I hate it!! The customers are so rude, its a no where job but its a good for experience!

Which sales jobs pay well?

1. Consulting Sales Base Salary: $120,000 to $250,000 Commissions: $25,000 to $3 million 2. Consumer Packaged Goods Sales Base Salary: $150,000 to $180,000 Commissions: $100,000 to $150,000 3. Digital Media Sales Base Salary: $170,000 to $180,000 Commissions: $130,000 to (MORE)

What jobs pay well but require no skills?

It will be extremely difficult to enter any job without skills. You should really acquire skills in a certain field before applying for jobs. You will expect to be on minimum wage unless you have experience in a certain field and qualifications to back it up! I wouls suggest working nights in a supe (MORE)

Where can you find jobs that pay under the table in new york?

It's illegal, just get a part-time job. Do you have a hobby you may be able to use to make a little cash? Some of us who HAVE worked many many years, paid into the social security. paid our taxes and STILL doing so, need to find some way of making "extra" cash too. I've recently had to quit work d (MORE)

How do you get a well paying job?

Be very creative and hard working. It really helps to go to college and study hard while there, aiming for a first class honour. After that, often, companies have graduate programs which can fast-track you to a higher level

What are some jobs that pay well?

Some jobs that pay well are: . Lawer . Banker . Doctor . Goldman Sachs Derivatives Salesperson . Lobbyist for financial sector, or petroleum interests . Defense Contractor mid-senior management level (i.e. Halliburton, Brown & Root)

If you are 11 can you get a good paying job?

At 11 you are too young for a real job . Federal law prevents employers of hiring someone under 16, but you could do a paper route, wash cars, dog walk/feed, do chores for an allowance.

Does a human resources job pay well?

It depends on the industry, the number of employees a company has, the size of the department and whether your role is taken seriously by the CEO. In some companies, the HR person is looked at as a overpaid party planner and in other companies, a business partner. The more value the HR person bring (MORE)

Are there sites that offer under the table jobs?

As it is illegal to work or employ under the table, any listings you may find are most likely scams. I would like to emphasize that it is ILLEGAL to work under the table, whether for tax fraud, dodging child support, illegal immigrants, or anything else. So basically my answer is no, there is not a (MORE)

When and where will you get a good paying job?

With respect to electronics... It depends on ur skills, The more U work the more U gain knowledge. Yet a startup for a diploma holder is 8000 (aprox.) Which increase gradually. For an engineer its around about 14-15.

How much is a well paying job?

I would say a well paying job is one which would pay enough to allow a family of four to live on that income, while providing shelter, food, transportation, health care, savings for retirement, and education for the kids. In my opinion, this would be an example of a well paying middle class job, whi (MORE)

What does it Mean to Pay Someone under the Table?

Paying "Under the Table" is two or more parties agreeing to work for money; such as cash or check; avoiding taxes, and is an illegal form of compensation. Baby-sitting and law mowing are two of few examples which are legal forms of compensation "Under the Table". Though working under the table means (MORE)

IS a singers job a good paying job?

There are several variables to consider. Before we discuss that let's look at how much some singers make a year. Miley Cyrus makes 40 million a year, Katy Perry makes 5 million a year, and in 2009 Carrie Underwood made 14 million. Now let's consider the variables. #1 All of the singers above are f (MORE)

Does jobs in Romania pay good?

Romania is a very poor country; a salary of 500 euros/month isconsidered good by the majority of the peoples. But a record may be more than 50 000 euros/month; we have manyanomalous situations and disparities.

How well do Security Guards jobs pay?

Security jobs pay fairly well in our current economic situation. I saw jobs posted that payed 10.00 an hour which I believe is pretty good pay. It could be higher but I believe that is a pretty good amount.

Which child care jobs pay well?

Preschool directors ($35,742 median salary per year) and other childcare directors ($34,108 median salary per year) are paid better relatively than other jobs in the child care profession. These statistics are from PayScale.

How well do heavy equipment jobs pay?

This all depends on what state you live in, how much experience you have, how well are the skills that you posess, and varies from company to company.

What are some good well paying online jobs in the USA?

There are many options for earning a salary online. Several companies will pay well for a fast typist to transcribe speeches and interviews. For example, tigerfish will hire you and occaisionally send you audio to transcribe in a certain format and you can earn a paycheck for doing so.

Do CRNA jobs pay well?

"CRNA jobs do pay very well. But then again, it really depends on which company you chose to work for. Different companies pay different amounts depending on you."

What is a Saic job and does it pay well?

"SAIC jobs supports applied science national ventures in engineering, research, energy, environment, and health fields. Their website lists occupations that SAIC employs and allow users to look at employment opportunities. Pay is dependent on your occupation."