What are good tv programs to watch?

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there is..................

1.prison break


3.the legend of the seeker

5. NDTV good times
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Why is watching tv good?

Watching tv is good because it entertain us,it give us knowledge,it aware us about current affairs,through we can timepass and many many more things

How can you watch TV programs in your computer?

There exists a software called Sopcast. Using this software you can watch most of the (slightly different may the editor add) TV channels, if not all, on your computer. You sh

Is tv a good thing to watch?

Television is for entertainment and can also be used for education. Anything used in excess is never good for us. If you limit your television viewing you could benefit grea

Where can you watch tv programs online?

Take a look at the major networks' websites (abc, nbc, fox, tbc, etc.). Most of them allow you to view up to the 8 latest episodes of most of their shows. Some networks such a

What is a good TV channel to watch?

A good tv channel to watch is Tru Tv. They show stupid people doing stupid/hilarious things, cop shows, fun gone bad, etc. It can get a little crude at times, but is overall h

What is a good tv series to watch?

It all depends on how old you are and, if you're an adult, what you let your kids watch. Glee is good for children about 12 and up. Modern Family is good for children maybe 1

What are good tv shows to watch?

Some of my favourites are: the big bang theory how i met your mother the vampire diaries gossip girl the nine lives of chloe king life unexpected the secret life of the amer