What are good websites for girls ages 9-13?

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Club Penguin
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Are there any websites for girls aged 13 and above?

Two websites I really like is Girlslife.com and Beinggirl.com. On girlslife you can make a profile, comment on other girls profiles, hear about the new trends, get advice and

What websites are good for girls 11-13?

moshimonsters.com *ggg.com (girlsgogames.com) *girlsense.com . clubpenguin . webkinz . myyearbook . girlgogames . girlsense . trollz . 4evergirls . gogoddess .

What are good websites for kids age 9?

club penguin is great kids game and is safe and approved by disney! also pandanda or panfu also theres a game named poptropica its cool. Take it from me im nine years old

Websites for girls ages 9-10?

www.stardoll.com www.girlsense.com www.moshimonsters.com www.coolgirls1.wordpress.com www.clubpenguin.com www.vizwoz.com www.miniclip.com www.swapitshop.com ww

Fun websites for girls age 13?

beinggirl.com stardoll.com supersecret.com glogster.com blogger.com animoto.com myjellybean.com girlsense.com girlslife.com ty-girlz.com goodteen.com

What are websites for girls ages 11-13?

According to many laws there is nothing that targets to the 11/13age groups because of the Child Online Privacy Protection Act. ( OrCOPPA for short.)