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Do you mean portable moving pods? If so, they are large containers provided by a moving and storage company that can be dropped off at any location to assist in moving (or for storage.) The actual moving pod will vary in size and shape based on what a particular company has to offer (and how much stuff you want to move) but for the most part they are rectangular in shape. Some are wood, others are aluminum or some other light metal material that provides secure, dry storage of goods. Once packed, the moving pod is picked up and stored in a facility or moved to your location of choice.
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What is the cost for a POD moving service?

The cost of a POD moving service depends on several factors; each move is different and will result in a customized price for your individual situation. Here are some of the f

How much does it cost to use a POD when moving?

When using The company POD when moving the price can range. The  size of the POD you need, the distance you will be traveling, where  you will return the POD, how much fuel

Costs to do pod move?

Like any move, it's difficult to guesstimate the costs without some detailed info. Many factors contribute to your moving rate (such as the date you're moving, the size of you

What is a Pods moving truck?

PODS are little connex's. They are not trucks. The PODS company drops a "box" in your front yard and you fill it. They come back and move it to your new residence and unload i

Can you watch moves i pod nano?

Yes you can watch movies on an ipod nano. The 6th Generation (Latest) you can't but the 5th Generation you can watch movies as long as you buy them on iTunes. You also can buy

How much do PODS cost for moving?

This depends on:How bigWhere you areThe company providingHow far it is goingIs there any storage time Most companies provide these as part of a larger combined service

How much are pods for moving?

Moving container rates will vary depending on the location you're moving to/from. Each moving company is different and may offer portable storage containers in different sizes

How much is pod aveage cost for long distance move?

It depends on several factors: -where you're moving to/from -the distance you're moving -the date you're moving -the size POD/container you need -whether or not you

Does the pod of the London eye move?

Yes It technically does "move", The best way to say this is imagine having a keyring that had 4 chains connected to 4 other key rings attached to it that were glued to it if y
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What is the pod moving action about?

This is where a container the size of a small garage is delivered to your home for your to pack and either put into storage or move to another site. The pod has its own lock
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How do moving and storage pods improve on traditional methods?

The most noticeable difference between traditional moving methods and storage pod moving methods is that it protects your belongings, especially from theft since you are the o