What are multiple examples of a food chain?

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Grass is eaten by a zebra. That zebra is eaten by a Lion. A leaf is eaten by a grasshopper. That grasshopper is eaten by a snake. That snake is eaten by an eagle. A carrot is eaten by a rabbit. That rabbit is eaten by a hawk.
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An example of a food chain?

The Sun gives off energy to the Producers (which are grass, flowers, trees,etc.). The producers gives energy to the First Consumers (which are herbivores). The first consu

What is an example of a producer in a food chain?

Only plants are producers, because they can produce their own food. All food chains start with the Sun, then go to plants (producers), then branch out to any combination of he
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What is example of food chain?

A squirrel eats a berry, a bird eats the squirrel, a turkey eats the bird, and a human eats the turkey.
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What would be an example of a food chain?

Primary producer - primary consumer - secondary consumer - tertiary consumer - quaternary consumer grass - grasshoppers - rat - snake - hawk algae - mosquito larva - drangonfl