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All cactus plants are succulents. But not all succulents are cactus plants. The term 'succulent cactus' is correct if it refers to any and all cactus plants, which are all succulents. It's incorrect if it refers to cactuses that are succulents as opposed to those that aren't. Within the cactus family, some have what may be called succulent seeds, and others not. Specifically, all cactus plants that have edible, flavorful fruits have succulent seeds. For example, the seeds of the mistletoe or wickerwork [Rhipsalis spp] and the prickly pear [Opuntia spp] cactus plants are succulent, from their respectively fleshy berries and fruits. In contrast are the dry seeds of the woolly seedpod of the barrel cactus [Echinocactus spp]. Examples of non cactus succulents abound. A well known non cactus succulent is the Agave, which is native to the Americas and to the West Indies. Another is Aloe vera, whose native range runs from Arabia to South Africa. Still another is Echeveria of Mexico. Yet others include Sansevieria of tropical Africa, and the worldwide distributed Euphorbia, Kalanchoe, and Sedum.
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What is the scientific name for cactus?

There are many different names for the many different types ofcactuses. The saguaro's scientific name is Carnegiea gigantiea. The scientific name for the jumping cholla

What is succulent?

it means "juicy" and often used to describe foods.

What can you name a cactus?

It's an easy choice to name a cactus after its common name. But there can be confusion and overlaps in common names. So a more precise, unique choice is opting for a cactus' s

How did the Christmas cactus get its name?

The name "Christmas cactus" was given because the plant normally  blooms in late fall or early winter, just before Christmas. In  addition its leaves are a deep green color

What scientific name of cactus?

CACTUS Domain: Eukarya Kingdom: Plantae Subkingdom: Viridaeplantae Infrakingdom: Streptophyta Division: Tracheophyta Subdivision: Spermatophytina Infradivision: Angiospermae

Why is Cactus Hill named Cactus Hill?

If you are referring to the one that is 45 miles south of Richmond,  Virginia, it was named in relation to the abundancy of prickly pear  cacti that thrive in it's sandy soi
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Why are cactus named cactus?

From the Latin 'cactus' taken from the name 'cardoon' which is a type of prickly plant from Sicily (the Spanish Artichoke) Also from the Greek name Kaktos