What are natural calamities?

Earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, landslides, fires, spontaneous tree limbs falling, winds, hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms...
Natural calamities are occurences, events or phenomenon that happen in nature of their own accord.or because of man(the use of celltowers,vehicles also cause damage to air)so these may occur


A- natural- disaster- is the effect of a natural hazard- (e.g. flood, tornado, hurricane, volcanic eruption, earthquake, or landslide) that affects the environment, and leads to financial, environmental and/or human losses. The resulting loss depends on the capacity of the population to support or resist the disaster, and their resilience.This understanding is - concentrated in the formulation: "disasters occur when hazards meet vulnerability." A natural hazard will hence never result in a natural disaster in areas without vulnerability, e.g. strong earthquakes in uninhabited areas. The term natural has consequently been disputed because the events simply are not hazards or disasters without human involvement.
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What natural calamities are there in Australia?

The most common natural calamities, or natural disasters, in Australia are bushfires, severe storms, cyclones, floods and drought. Earthquakes occur, but have only once result (MORE)

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What are natural calamities how it occurs?

Natural calamities are the calamities which are inflicted by God, or Nature, on man and his world. At these calamities, the unseen hand wreaks havoc in the part of the world i (MORE)
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What does natural calamity mean?

This refers to disasters caused by nature. These can include  landslides, floods, volcanoes, storms, earthquakes, etc.
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What are natural calamity?

there are many natural calamities like tsunami, earthquake, volcano etc. But these may be dangerous to property, human life, animal life and plant life. So, who ever comes to (MORE)

What is natural calamities?

Natural calamities are also known as natural disasters. They are  bad things that occur in the environment, and are not man-made.  This includes earthquakes, landslides, sto (MORE)
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How do you protect our environment from natural calamities?

Natural calamities can be classified into major and minor types depending upon their potential to cause damage to life and property. While natural calamities like earthquakes (MORE)