What are negative facts about Thomas Jefferson?

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he was a hypocrtie
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What are facts about about Thomas Jefferson?

Thomas Jefferson had 6 kids but only 2 of his kids made it to adulthood. When he was president he had this mockingbird in the white house with him and it followed him around e

Facts about Thomas Jefferson?

thomas was the 3rd pres. of the united states.he was born on April 13 1743.he died on July 4 1826.he became pres when he was 49 years old

What are facts about Thomas Jefferson?

He was responsible for the Louisiana Purchase, the first Secretary of State and the founder of the University of Virginia. he had kids by a slave woman he spoke 6 language's H

Important facts about Thomas Jefferson?

Here are some fun interesting and mostly unknown facts of Thomas Jefferson:. he brought french fries to the usa and he was against slavery(kinda). he owned slaves and he had

2 facts about Thomas Jefferson?

Thomas Jefferson was one of the main authors of the AmericanDeclaration of Independence. He was also the third president of theUnited States.

What are facts about Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton?

Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were competing to leadAmerica. Although, they both had very different views. Jeffersonwanted everyone to become a farmer, and saw a hug