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Neural Signals are the electrical potential carrying the information to be transmitted between neurons/dendrites. They also initiate chemical stimulation on the synapses to transfer/carry forward the message from/to brain.
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What is neural impingement?

A neural impingement is a physiological flaw that will entail  disintegration of the spinal column. This often causes so much pain  and the treatment is mostly focused on al

What are neural cells?

  Neural cells are nerve cells such as those that are found in the brain.

What is a neural tube?

The neural tube is the part of the development of the central  nervous system in a developing embryo. What is pretty amazing about  this is that within the first 4 weeks of

What is neural tissue?

  Nueral tissue is specialised for conduction of electrical impluses that convey information or instructions from one region (part of the body) to another.

What is a neural transmitter?

Neurotransmitters are chemicals that are involved in communication  between the nervous system and endocrine glands. It is basically a  chemical message.

What is neural compression?

Neural compression syndrome is a medical condition where you have  pressure on a single nerve. This will cause pain, numbness, and  tingling.

What is the neural tunic?

The neural tunic, also known as the sensory tunic, is the deepest  of the tunics in the eyeball. It's rods and cones allow for sight,  and it contains neurons and ganglia.

What does neural mean?

Neural means "of or relating to the nerves, neurons, or nervoussystem".

How would you contrast hormonal and neural signals?

 Both types of signaling can occur over long distances: neurons can  send action potentials along   very long axons (from the spinal cord to the fingers, for example), 

What do neural reflexes do?

Neural reflexes are the building blocks for the diagnosis of dysfunction in the CNS. This article describes the basis of neural connection underlying the control of posture, t
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What is neural pruning?

Simply, it is the process of removing neurons that are no longer used or useful in the brain.