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Only if you don't read their fine print. The bottom line with online education is accreditation. Which most do not offer. Those that do offer courses that ARE accredited (acknowledge by Colleges, Universities and employers) tend to be acknowledge only in areas such as book keeping and the arts. Even then some areas will still require you to be registered or licensed within your geographical area.

The big one out our way (Ontario, Canada) tends to be so called "Vet Techs". For one, most of these online places only offer something similar under a different name like 'Animal Sciences'. I did find one that said "Veterinary Assistant" but if you research the actual educational requirements in your chosen profession before enrolling in these on line courses, you will find that the ICS and Stratford SCI diplomas are generally NOT acknowledged by employers and are certainly not acknowledged by other educational institutions or regulatory bodies who license and register people to work in this field. At least not here.

So is it a scam? Well, they sell you course material that you indeed can learn something from. But will your money spent get you a piece of paper that will get you a job or land a spot in a college or university - no.

Read the fine print. SCI tends to be more upfront about it than ICS. If you really want to study without actually attending classes, there are many REAL colleges and universities that do offer distance learning courses. The tuition is probably higher and the course selection may not have what you are looking for. Common sense should prevail though. How on earth can you possibly receive accreditation for something like a Veterinary Technician without actually touching an animal. It's ridiculous.

I enrolled in this school in May. I never received any supplies. I called them and explained that I was receiving bills but no books. It wasn't like the address was wrong, since I was getting everything from them but my supplies.

Another month goes by, and still no supplies. Again, I call. As usual takes HOURS of sitting on the phone to get someone. ALWAYS rude.

I kept trying to explain to them I wanted my money back. After many calls I finally had someone explain to me what I must do in order to do so. I faxed them a letter saying exactly what they told me to. I had to go through this process THREE times before I was acknowledged. They assured me I would get a check for the balance I had paid.

Today, I get a letter, stating that due to my lack of payment, I am being reported to a credit bureau, the letter told me I had until the date today to reply. Mind you, I received it today.

This will NOT be a bill I pay I can assure you. I never ONCE received anything but bills from them.
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