Your electrical components shut down on your 97 dodge Cummings what could be wrong?

it sound like there is a short either in one of the connections or possibly a ground it could also be broken wire or smashed your question did not say whether it shuts down im (MORE)

Where to put graduate distinction summa cum laude on resume?

You create an "honors and awards" section. Because you achieved the highest academic distinction, make sure you include this on your resume. It says much about your dedicati (MORE)

Can you put a turbo off of a dodge 5.9 Cummings on a 302 ford gas engine?

Yes, but 1 turbo is really to small for a 5.0, you will need 2. Also you will need to get a manifold that will fit the turbine mount, shouldn't be a problem for a ford 5.0, lo (MORE)

What is a good thing that you can say to a girl that you hate to put her in her place and to let her know that she could get hurt if she crosses you?

Since you are likely to be the master of your own destiny, the captain of your own fate, I recognize you are likely to disregard the following advice. In the event you are sti (MORE)