What are possible outcomes of global warming?

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The potential results of temperature change can affect people in many areas of the world. The main outcomes could be:
  • Melting of sea ice can cause flooding from an increase in worldwide sea levels.
  • Changes in global weather patterns can create stronger storms.
  • Changes in wind currents that affect precipitation can increase the length and severity of droughts.
  • Sea levels will rise, causing floods
  • An increase in the spread of disease will occur.
  • The northern polar icecap, between Canada and Russia is almost completely ice free during the summer months.
  • The melting of ice from the Arctic and a resultant rise in the sea level of the oceans.
  • Hurricanes and other extreme weather will increase.
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About global warming?

Global warming could be influenced by a variety of factors. Millions of years ago a salt water fern absorbed CO2 from the atmosphere. As the ferns died they sank and that carbon became sequestered on the deep sea floor. The result was a gradual cooling of the climate. Volcanoes also vent a lot of (MORE)

Where is global warming?

Global warming is everywhere, and everyone is affected. Oceans rise and cause inland migration, and temperatures rise to deadly conditions.

Why do we have global warming?

We have global warming because of deforestation and fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas). When we discovered coal, and how powerful it was in driving steam engines, we were delighted. This was 300 years ago, and we didn't realise then that the carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) from the burning coal wo (MORE)

What does global warming have to do with you?

Global warming will soon affect everyone. An estimate said that by2050, the air throughout the world will be so polluted that peoplewill always be sick, and masses will die of it. Global warming maycause the extinction of humanity eventually, and maybe all otherspecies.

What is global warming about?

Global warming is caused by human activity. The planet is warmingand this warming is changing the climate. Sea levels are rising andthreaten many low-lying areas and cities permanently.

What does global warming do?

Global warming is self explanatory. It is the concept where the earth warms up. It is also the reason for climate change. When the temperature of the planet as a whole increases, this increases the amount of ice that melts at the polar icecaps and in glaciers. This then leads to sea levels rising (MORE)

What are the possible ways to prevent global warming?

Replant billions of trees all over the world. . Stop burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) inindustry, transport and the generation of electricity, whichreleases carbon dioxide (CO 2 ). . Start using renewable energy (solar, wind, water, hydro, tidaland wave, geothermal, ocean thermal, (MORE)

What will global warming do?

We expect the climate will change. Some areas will receive more rainfall. Others will receive less. If enough of the Amazon rain forest dries and burns, much of the carbon sequestered there will be released as CO2, driving temperature up even faster. Although the south polar icecap is not likely (MORE)

Is Kyoto a possible solution to global warming?

No because the Kyoto protocol assumes human beings are responsible for global warming. This is unlikely to be the case because the earth has gone through numerous cycles of warming and cooling going back long before human beings were a significant presence on this planet. Ever heard of the Ice Ages? (MORE)

What are some possible effects of global warming?

Polar ice caps melting: The ice caps melting is afour-pronged danger. Beach erosion, low countries flooded, economiccost of repair and prevention. . Economic consequences: Most of the effects ofanthropogenic global warming won't be good. And these effects spellone thing for the countries of the (MORE)

What are the possible impacts of global warming?

Probably the most worrying impact of global warming will be the rise in sea level, especially in countries such as Bangladesh or the Netherlands, which have large areas close to or below sea level. A: . The polar ice caps melt, raising the sea levels. . There would be a change in the major ocea (MORE)

What are the possible consequences of global warming?

(Another contributor wrote Probably the most worrying consequences of global warming will be the rise in sea level, especially in countries such as Bangladesh or the Netherlands, which have large areas close to or below sea level. A: . The polar ice caps melt, raising the sea levels. . Th (MORE)

Is it possible to stop global warming within a year?

Why don't people get into their heads. YOU CANNOT STOP GLOBAL WARMING it is in nature. All you can do is postpone the inevitable. NO scientist of any stature has said you can stop it. When the global emisions of carbon dioxide are 0.05% of the total greenhouse gasses and out of that 0.05% comes indu (MORE)

What are the possible ways to solve global warming?

The one way to slow down and stop global warming is to reduce our emissions of carbon dioxide and move as quickly as possible towards a carbon-neutral economy. This means being more efficient in our use of electricity, while phasing out coal and oil fired electricity generators in favour of alternat (MORE)

Is there any possibility that global warming will bring us to death?

There are a number of ways in which global warming might lead to widespread deaths. For a start, the melting icecaps and glaciers will cause a rise in sea level which will lead to deaths from drowning. This will also cause loss of arable land, leading to food shortages and death through starvation. (MORE)

What are some possible effects of global warming on agriculture and forestry?

It is difficult to predict the future, but in 2001 the IPPC issued a Report: Climate Change 2001: Working Group II: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability (See the link below). Here are some of the suggested impacts on agriculture and forestry: . Climate change will affect crop yields and irri (MORE)

Who what when where and why about global warming?

Over seven billion (7,000,000,000) human beings. The CO2 humans exhale has nothing to do with rising carbon dioxide levels. Instead, human activities of digging up and burning fossil fuels like coal and oil, burning down tropical rain forests for cattle ranching, and making concrete release over 30 (MORE)

What are the possible causes and consequences of global warming?

Causes . Burning coal, oil and natural gas. These currently add over 30 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere every year. . Manufacturing cement. This adds further carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. . Deforestation. This returns to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide carbon that had e (MORE)

How do we get global warming?

Global Warming started when humans built machines and discoveredpetrol. All of the fumes went into the air causing Global Warming;like a greenhouse. Exactly right. About 250 years ago at the start of the Industrial Revolution man started burning coal and oil torun factories and vehicles. Then we s (MORE)

What are possible causes of global warming?

There are only about 3 possible factors that could cause globalwarming: . Anthropogenic (man-made, e.g., burning carbon fuels,deforestation, increasing the greenhouse effect); . Natural cyclical climate variations; and . Cyclical increase in solar output. . Of these, scientists have foun (MORE)

What is a possible effect of global warming?

Climate change could cause sea level rise so that a small Pacific Island country, Kiribati, could go underwater, and all the population of more than 100,000 would have no homes, no stores, no government and no country!

Are there possible technological means to stop global warming?

We can build devices to capture CO2 out of the atmosphere. CO2 has commercial uses, so some of it could be sold, and the rest buried somehow. About 50 million years ago there was a freshwater arctic fern known as Azolla. When the fern died, it would sink to the sea floor, locking away the CO2 it (MORE)

What you can do for global warming?

The best thing you can do for global warming is to focus on reducing your energy consumption, because the real issue facing the planet is our dwindling global energy resources. The science indicates that global warming is a natural phenomenon and as such there is little humans can do to stop it, or (MORE)

What are four potential outcomes of global warming?

Potential outcomes predicted because of global warming: . Rising sea levels - this has already begun, with sea levels rising be 20 centimetres over the twentieth century and, on the most recent data, predicted to rise by another 90 to 150 centimetres over this century. Although this appears to be (MORE)

What are some possible consequences of global warming?

The potential results of temperature change can affect populations in many areas of the world. The main outcomes could be: . Melting of sea ice can cause flooding from an increase in worldwide sea levels. . Changes in global weather patterns can create stronger storms. . Changes in wind currents (MORE)

What are possible causes for global warming?

Global warming is a natural phenomenon in which naturally occurring greenhouse gases help maintain the world at a comfortable level suitable for human existence. However, the term is most often used specifically to refer to the rise, gradual at first but accelerating, in global average temperatures (MORE)

Is it possible to control global warming?

Yes, it is possible and in fact we must do so. We can either choose to begin now, while the short-tem economic cost of controlling global warming is still low and while temperatures can be stabilised only a little above present levels, or we can wait until the costs are high and the damage caused by (MORE)

What is possibly true about global warming?

First, it is undoubtedly true that global warming is real. Accuratemeasurement show that the world really is warming up. For example,the last ten years were the warmest on record for the entire globe. It is true to a level of confidence between 97 and 99 per cent thatglobal warming is caused by gre (MORE)

Is there any possible benefit for mankind in case of global warming?

Some known benefits: Increased agricultural productivity & land (more rain, warmth & Co2) Longer growing seasons for all plant life greening of some of the Earth's vast frozen land masses increased Co2 absorption rate Less net global energy requirement for humans Less deforestation for (MORE)

What do you do about global warming?

In the US Republicans proposed a cap and trade system for curbing carbon emissions. This is probably the best way to get business enterprises to commit to serious reductions. We need to quit licensing coal fired power plants, and promote public mass transit systems like high speed rail. At hom (MORE)

What has global warming?

We have, the world has. Thanks to fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) which have transformed the world through the Industrial Revolution. Unfortunately they have a serious side-effect which we didn't notice till recently. Burning them adds old carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) to the atmosphere and causes (MORE)

What are some of the expected outcome due to global warming?

Within anywhere between 2020 and 2025 they expect most of Antartica to have melted, global average temperatures to rise about 3°F. Antartica average temperature will rise to about 5°F. This change in temperature may not seem like a lot, but it is enough to destroy forests, kill off species of (MORE)

What is a possible reason for global warming?

The possible reason for global warming, indeed, the reason thatjust about all climate scientists agree is causing it, is theburning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) in industry,transport and the generation of electricity. This emits carbondioxide (CO2), a greenhouse gas that is holding ex (MORE)

What are the possible consequences of global warming for organisms living in arctic ecosystems?

There may be reduced space for ice-dwelling species and increased competition from temperate species. Arctics species may be forced to migrate in order to find food and habitat. The patterns of seasonal migration and distribution of prey species may also change. The activity of decomposes may increa (MORE)

What is the most likely outcome of global warming?

We can't tell the future, and we don't know if governments will beable to act before it's too late, but if global warming continuesunchecked it could mean that most life on earth will end. Other people hope that the goals that all countries of the worldhave set in the Paris Climate Agreement will be (MORE)