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Pulses are important food crops due to their high protein and essential amino acid content. BEANS (pulses) Pigeonpea, redgram, Green gram, Fieldbean, Split peas yellow, Chick peas (or garbanzo beans), Black gram beans, Mung beans whole, Whole green gram, Mung beans, split Split green gram, Lentil (split or whole), Black eyed Peas or Cowpeas, Red lentils,split Red gram (split),and Kidney bean
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What is pulse?

YOUR PULSE   Your pulse indicates how many times per minute your heart beats. It's your heart rate, and is one of your vital signs. You can feel your pulse on your wrist

What does a pulse do?

A pulse is the constant recoiling walls of the aorta pumping blood all around your body via arteries   vicki x   Pulse is also the name for legumes such as kidney beans

What is your pulse?

Pulse is our pressure wave in the arteries from contraction of the heart.

What causes your pulse?

  The heart beating ie. pushing blood around the body. Each pulse is a heart beat, which causes more pressure as it puts pressure behind the blood to move it.

How do you check a pulse?

If you're checking your own pulse, you can check either wrist, where you might see the throbbing of the pulse, or either side of your neck, using the minute hand of your watch

Why do you have a pulse?

We have a pulse because every time the heart beats, it makes a pulse. So when you can't feel your pulse it means your heart has stopped beating.

Where is your pulse?

  A pulse can be found where and artery passes over a bone, for example, in your wrist (also known as the radial pulse).

How do you get your pulse?

  anywhere there is a strong arterial pulse is where you find the pulse. carotid artery in neck (inside the vertical neck muscle) brachial pulse in babies in the upper arm

In agriculture what are pulses?

Pulses, or pulse crops, are leguminous crops which produce a seed inside a pod, but are not generally consumed as a green vegetable. Dry beans, dry peas, lentils, chickpeas, a

What causes to have a pulse?

As the heart pumps, blood is forced through the arteries (blood vessels leading away from the heart.) the walls of the arteries stretch to accommodate all the blood. When an a

Where is brachial pulse?

The brachial pulse is located on the medial aspect of the antecubital fossa. Inner aspect of the front of the elbow.

Where can you feel pulse?

radial artery on the forearm. this is very close to the wrist. if you're holding your left arm out with the palm of your hand facing up, it is just lateral (outward from your

Why is a pulse called a pulse if it is a heartbeat?

Pulse is short for pulsations which is the word used to describe the feeling of a heartbeat the definition for pulsation: the rhythmic contraction and expansion of the arter