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If you believe that your question has sufficient information to be answered and should not have been placed into this catch-all question, please e-mail GoodQuestion @ WikiAnswers.com and request that it be made into a separate question.

Please ask your question again and include more information in it. WikiAnswers is designed to provide a specific answer to a specific question.

Tip: Don't use pronouns such as he, she, it, them, their, his, her, its, and so forth in your question. Chances are, we won't know who she, he, them, and what it is and won't be able to answer your question. You must indicate the subject properly in your question. However, questions in which the subject is already indicated, may use those pronouns. For example, "When Miley Cyrus starred on Hannah Montana how old was she?" is okay.

  • Questions that do not contain enough information cannot be answered -- asking "did he die?" or "how did she become rich?" cannot be answered because we do not know who you are asking the question about. * Multiple choice questions cannot be answered if you do not include the choices in the question. These typically include the phrase "which of the following" at the beginning of the question and the questioner does not include "the following" choices in the question; thus, we don't have enough information to answer your question. Another example is asking a question about a vehicle without providing the make, model, year, and engine size. This information is almost always necessary.
  • Questions that are too broad Questions such as "What are the names of all cars ever made?" are too broad to be answered. Simply giving a list of words does not ask a question that we know how to answer.
  • Questions that require us to look at a picture or diagram that you have in front of you cannot be answered because we cannot see your assignment page.
  • Partial questions or question fragments cannot be answered because a sentence fragment such as "preparation for a position" or "pi plus" do not explain what your question is and cannot be answered.
  • Questions that are actually statements cannot be answered because they are not questions. "You are in love with a boy and he does not know you exist" is not a question and cannot be answered.
  • Questions that should be asked in a chat room cannot be answered because this is not a chat room. "Who are you?" or "What is your favorite color?" are not questions that can be answered on this website.
  • Questions that ask for university results cannot be answered here because that information is only released to the student themselves; if you haven't got your results yet, nobody else will have them for you either. The WikiAnswers Stylebook will help you write a proper question that can be answered for you. See related links below.
  • Questions about prices cannot be answered here because we need to know which store you are asking about, which particular brand/size/style of item you are asking about, and the date upon which you are asking for the price. Prices vary daily, and each store will have its own pricing and sales.
  • Coin-Appraisal Questions with Insufficient Information There are several criteria that are required to give an evaluation of a coin. If one or more of these criteria is missing, an evaluation is not going to be very accurate:
  1. denomination
  2. country of origin
  3. year of minting
  4. condition

Latitude and Longitude Questions with Insufficient Information

If you ask questions such as 'What is located at 30 degrees latitude and 30 degrees longitude?', there could be four possible answers since direction was not specified. Therefore, please include the directions (e.g. north, east, south, west). An example of a good question would be, 'What is located at 30 degrees north latitude and 30 degrees east longitude?'.

Time-Zone Questions with Insufficient Information

When asking about the time in different places around the world WikiAnswers can only answer if we know (1) the place of interest and (2) a reference point.

Bad: What time is it now in England?
Good: What time is it in England if it is 11 AM in Perth Australia?

Bad: What time is it in Central Time?
Good: What time is it in Central Time if it is 2 PM in San Francisco?

Bad: If it's midday in the US what time is it Japan? (There is more than one time zone in the US.)
Good: What time is it in Japan if it's midday in Chicago?

Bad: How many hours is Tonga behind?
Good: How many hours is Tonga behind Tahiti?

The differences are quite clear.

It might make sense to YOU when asking, but please note that it might be hours or days before someone looks at your question. In the bad examples, above, do you see how someone answering might be, well, a bit flippant and just say "8 PM", or "Evening", or even "Working time"? And that would not really help you out, would it?

Just for reference: Russia has 11 time zones; Asia has up to eight (depending upon how you count); the USA has six or more depending upon DST; Australia has six or more, depending upon DST; South America and Africa each has four; Mexico has four or (one of which does not observe DST) or more; Europe and Greenland each has three; and the Middle East has a whole fistful.

Time zones between areas or countries may be as few as 15 minutes apart or as many as 120 minutes apart. Memphis, TN, USA is NOT the same as Memphis, Egypt. Be specific: Help us to help you!
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Why has WikiAnswers not answered my question?

Some questions are answered almost immediately. Some questions are never answered, or turn out to be unanswerable. WikiAnswers is a "question and answer co-op." Everything -- the questions and the answers -- is contributed by visitors just like you. Questions remain unanswered until someone volunteers an answer. Fortunately, there are a number of intelligent people who are remarkably generous with their time. Advice . If you want fast answers or a lot of information at once, you should probably try a search engine like www.google.com or www.dogpile.com . If you want word definitions , you should try an online dictionary (or a real one) . If you want to chat , you should try an online chat room or a social networking website like www.myspace.com or www.facebook.com . Make sure that you include enough precise information for your question to be answered. For example, avoid questions like 'What was life like in California in those days?' Instead, ask something like 'Did the Spaniards have much influence on everyday life in California when it was part of the Spanish Empire?' . Don't expect WikiAnswers to do your homework for you - we will be happy to help you figure out how to do the work, but we are not specifically a homework website. . Try not to ask questions that require a gigantic answer . It's not reasonable to expect someone to whip out 100 pages of single spaced text for you, so questions like "Tell me everything about Ecology", aren't likely to get answered. Narrow it down a little. . Check out the Related Questions below for more helpful hints and tips! Wiki Answers is a contributor driven website. That means that ordinary people on line take the time to answer questions if they know the answer. Perhaps the person that knows the answer to your question isn't online yet. Some people do not know the answer to the question. Also, some people submit silly questions that people do not want to answer. Even if I do not know the answer I research the questions and anwer the question. Answer: To be interesting enough fo a person to answer a quetsion it must be : . In the format of a question . Clear - what do you want to know . In reasonably good English so there are no mystery words . Not inane or nonsense . Interesting . Not obviously homework

When will the question you asked on WikiAnswers be answered?

Every question and answer at WikiAnswers is contributed to by regular visitors like you. It's all co-operative. We depend on you to ask questions, and we also depend on you to help answer other people's questions. Most questions will get a reply from a nice person, supervisor, expert, or regular user who can at least point you in the right direction, if not give you a definitive answer. All WikiAnswers questions are asked and answered by visitors just like you. It is highly unlikely that all the questions here will ever be answered right away since: . Thousands of new questions are asked every day. . Some questions are virtually unanswerable. Yes. Some questions on WikiAnswers get answered. This one just did. A tip for getting your question answered is to make sure that it is in the correct category, and the question is grammatically correct. Of the four questions (including this one) you posted - two were answered fairly quickly. The question 'What is permanetly froaen subsoil called' - contained two spelling errors which you should have corrected before you submitted it. Your final question (this one) has obviously now been answered ! You must remember this is not a live website - it's a forum . You need to be patient to wait for someone to log-on and actually read your question before they can answer it !

How do you view answers to WikiAnswers questions?

If the questions you're looking at have been answered by other contributors, then you should see them on the same page as the question. They'll appear in the middle of the page. If the question hasn't been answered, you will see a graphic stating that no one has answered the question yet -- maybe you can assist someone by answering it if you know the answer.

What percentage of WikiAnswers questions get answered?

That's a tough one. Some questions are more difficult to answer than others. For instance, "how do I break up with my boyfriend?" There are a lot of those and they may sit around longer before they are answered. However, who was the third president of the United States is an easier one because it's objective. WikiAnswers has more answered questions than unanswered ones, but new questions and answers are being added every few minutes so the numbers are never static.. To give it some quantitative sense, according to the conference call by Answer's management on August 13, 2007, out of the total 670,000 questions 375,000 were answered. It gives a slightly better ratio that two to one.

Where on WikiAnswers are there questions and answers about fundraising?

There are a number of places - depending on what the fundraising is for. There is a Fundraising section under the Politics heading, in 'Business Plans', and also in 'Entertainments and Arts'

Why is WikiAnswers not answering my question?

The questions on WikiAnswers are answered by online citizens on a voluntary basis. They answer the questions that they want to, when they want to. And although there are a number of people that look through the unanswered questions for the purpose of answering them, there are a lot of unanswered questions that exist and new ones being asked on a continual basis. Also the proper placement into the category that is closest to the question can have some effect. If a question is in the wrong category perhaps it is not visited as much as it would be if it were in the right category. And then there is always a chance that a person may ask a question that most users do not have the answer to..

Is there a machine that answers questions on WikiAnswers?

No, The answers are people like you that want to spend their time to help give as correct as possible answers. So that means that you can answer questions also. Actually, there are some bots answering, but the majority of the answers come from real people.

Do you have to volunteer for WikiAnswers for your question to be answered?

No, you don't. If you want to ask a question just go through the steps and submit it.

Why does WikiAnswers not have the answers to the questions you ask?

Well we do.... Mostly and a lot of the time. But sometimes we don't understand the question, and sometimes we don't get to it because there are so many questions and so little time in a day to research and provide good answers. And then, sometimes, somebody will answer a question when that person (ahem) really shouldn't be allowed access to a keyboard and by answering the question (even wrongly) it drops off the high priority list and we just don't see it.. If you are not happy with an answer then please, rephrase the question and ask again. We try. We really, really try to provide good, solid information to reasonable questions.. Smile... Life is too short to frown all day..... ;-). And another thing..... We don't get paid for this, you know. If the question is, well, plain ridiculous then nobody bothers to answer. Who the hell cares if Joe-Schmuck wants to know the date of manufacture of shotgun serial number xxxx...? I mean, Have you READ some of the questions people ask? Sheeeeesh....

Do you get paid for answering questions on WikiAnswers?

No. WikiAnswers is a community-based Q&A website. They look totheir users to ask and answer questions. Those who answer tend to see showing off their knowledge as its ownreward.

What questions cannot be answered on WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers cannot answer many types of questions. Here are some questions that cannot be answered, and will be dropped from the site: . Chatting - questions like "What are you doing?" and "What is the homework?" cannot be answered because this is not a chat room. . Vague Questions - questions that are too vague, like "What is the meaning of life?" or "Why?" cannot be answered. . Incomplete questions - sentence fragments, or partial questions, cannot be understood enough to be answered.

Who answers all these questions on WikiAnswers?

Everyone! Anyone can share their knowledge or ask questions onWikiAnswers. That's what makes it a WIKI. If you know the answer toan unanswered question, you can share it. If you see an answer thatyou can expand on, you can edit it. If you see an answer that'sjust flat-out incorrect, you can update it. We encourage users toresearch answers thoroughly. More takes from WikiAnswers contributors: . It could be anyone at all, even your next door neighbor.WikiAnswers is a collaborative effort. There are many peopleworking out the answers here at the site. Your question wasanswered by a WikiSupervisor who happened to see it. Join the effort! Cruise a category that interests you and find aquestion you know something about. Everyone is an expert onsomething... find your category. . Users do. That is the beauty of this site. We ask our ownquestions and answer those of each other. It is a fairly easy wayto share information. Now, since this is composed of user-generatedcontent, you can't be sure that every single answer is true. Thissite is not a substitute for research, but it is a good and helpfulplace to start. . Any contributor can come to WikiAnswers and browse questions.If they know the answer, they can answer it. . Some people research their answers, just like me. I sometimesknow the answer too. And there are people that work in the field,have hobbies and life experiences and read a lot. Everyone hassomething useful to contribute. . If the person who answered a question is a registered user,you'll be able to see who answered (and award them a trust point --if they have earned it, of course). . Anyone who visits can ask questions, and also can answerquestions. We are ordinary people from many different countries;most of the regulars have become addicted to the site because it isso much fun to find questions to answer, and to interact withothers who come to visit. We are not paid, and we are notrecruited. There may be some people connected with support or sitedevelopment who get compensation of some kind; I don't really knowfor sure. We were talking about a possible conference at some time;I think that idea is on the back burner at this point. . All registered and unregistered users from around the worldwrite the answers on WikiAnswers.com. . WA gets its answers from contributors around the world. Theymay be an expert or specialist in an area of knowledge; they mightbe a general genius willing to share anything and everything theyknow; or they might be the average person on the street with accessto the Internet and some vague idea of what the right answer to aquestion is. Some answers are researched thoroughly in order to getthe most correct information possible; others are just a quick notemade by someone who watched a documentary once. . The questions on WikiAnswers are answered by others who come tothe website. Some of them may be people who actually know theanswers, or who take the time to look them up, while others arejust kids who think typing silly stuff in as answers is a fun thingto do, not realizing the problem that causes for others who arelooking for real answers. . My son does - for homework! . Anyone who feels called to do it. If the answers are spam orare wrong we try to fix it. . Volunteers may have education in a specific area, or a questionmay be on a subject they enjoy. Some volunteers are professionals,or answer questions that pertain to their daily work. Andcontributors are good at doing research online or off-line. Othercontributors simply have life experience and accumulated knowledge,which gives them a wide area of personal knowledge. . The greater the number of "trust points" the answerer has, themore likely the answer is correct - as best as the answererknows. . You can see who the last person to edit a particular answer wasby looking just underneath the answer itself. Their username isalso a link to their member home page, which may (or may not)provide more details on who they are. . A good many people that work in particular fields or areeducated in special areas may roam around certain topics usingtheir knowledge to answer questions. Many people on here that askquestions may spend some time answering questions as well. And thenthere are the supervisors that watch over particular topics andthose that roam around many topics that will spend some timeanswering questions. Answers to questions asked here are theproduct of a large community effort. All answers on WikiAnswers are given by voluntary contributors.Nobody has to answer anything unless they want to give up their ownfree time to do so. They always make a personal choice to give ananswer and then what to say. When they answer a question, theyusually try to give as much information as they think is relevantto the actual question asked. You will have a much better chance ofgetting an early answer to your question if you place it into theright Category! Unless you do that, your question may not beanswered for a long time because it won't be seen by contributorswho know about the subject of the question. If it was placed into the wrong Category your question would haveto wait until a Supervisor finds it and moves it to an appropriateCategory where it will be seen by the someone who may wish tocontribute an answer. People who are members here and others as well. People from allover the world. Anyone who visits can post or edit any answer. Generally, however,questions are edited by those users that feel comfortable with thesubject matter.

How can you check answers to your questions on WikiAnswers?

You go to your watchlist and find the question you asked and see if some one made a change.

What are questions that have no value to be answered on WikiAnswers?

Questions with no value on Wikianswers are questions that are notneeded to be asked and simply waste time and space on this website. If you think you have a good question that ends up here when youask it, E-mail Wikianswers directly and they'll take care of it.

How do you check the answers to your questions on WikiAnswers?

if you watch the question wiki answers sends you an email which gives you the link to your questions so you can see the answer You also have your Watchlist which not only records your actions but records for your viewing ability, what others are doing with your questions. Such as someone entering an answer to your watched question or editing one of your watched questions.

Why do gross questions get answered on WikiAnswers?

Well, if the gross questions are within the site's terms of use, then we answer them because someone asked them and wants an answer. If they are so incredibly gross that they are outside our terms of use, they get answered (and asked) because some people enjoy vandalism and inappropriate topics. In that last case, I would encourage you to click the little red "Report Abuse" link that is above the question at the top right. We don't want gross things on our site either, and we'll be happy to review those things and get rid of the ones that violate our terms of use.

Are questions from WikiAnswers ever answered?

Quite often! There is a better chance of getting an answer if the question is in correct sentence form. Slang and made up words in the question do not usually get answered.. If you want your question answered, you must post a good question, with all correct spellings, and make sure it makes sense, plus categorize it correctly.

How do you get answers to your questions from professionals at WikiAnswers?

Some of the users at WikiAnswers are professionals in their area, and some are not. When you ask a question, everyone has the opportunity to review and answer.

I have been answering a lot of questions on WikiAnswers but I have only got 2 trust points and cannot get the Premier Answerer position why is that?

It is probably because although you have answered many questions, they have not been of the highest quality or are incorrect.

Who answers the questions on Wikianswer?

its not just one person that answers the questions, any member of wikianswers can answer them if they know the answer.

Can you copy questions and answers from WikiAnswers?

Cutting and pasting doesn't work according to the Terms of Use you signed to register with the site. You can certainly use them, but you should not attempt to pass them off as your own work.

Can you stop answering questions on WikiAnswers?

Anyone who answers questions here can stop at any time. After one thousand, after one hundred, or after one answer, any Contributor can opt out.. Or, ironically, No.

What questions on WikiAnswers have not been answered?

Many, many questions have not been answered. I couldn't possibly list them all, but they are easy to find if you use advanced search and search only for unanswered questions. Sometimes questions aren't answered because the question is really hard to answer and requires expertise that few people have. Sometimes questions aren't answered because the question itself doesn't seem to make sense. In either case, feel free to jump in and help us out. Your expertise is needed, whether it is how to fix a car, or how to make a question grammatically correct.

Why does WikiAnswers not give answers to questions?

Wiki doesn't answer questions.. We do; based on research and knowledge. There could be many reasons why your question did not get answered, but on average; Wiki gets 1 question asked for every second of every day of the year... so if no one spots your question, it doesn't get answered. Simple as really. Things that will improve your chances of answers: . putting your question in the right category so that people who can answer are more likely to see. . Not asking homework questions, the rules are there for a reason. . Spelling your question correctly. . Making sure your question is only about one thing, and couldn't be taken in another way.

How do you find the answers to your questions on WikiAnswers?

Type the question you want in the enter your question here box and click Go. If there is an exact match to the question you asked it would be displayed below. Even partial matches would be displayed. If you find some question related to what you wanted to ask, you can go ahead and click on it to view the answer.

Are the questions on WikiAnswers answered by professionals?

Yes and no. Questions on WikiAnswers are answered by members of the WikiAnswers Community. There are not people sitting in an office answering the questions asked. However, there are many professionals who answer questions on WikiAnswers. Many of the supervisors are professionals in the category they supervise. So you are very liekly to get a good professional answer to your question.

Which of these questions cannot be answered by science?

Questions without any scientific support may not be answered by science. Hope this helped :3

Where do you find the answers to questions on WikiAnswers?

Type the question in the ask box. When a question is answered, it appears in a separate box below.

What was the first question to be answered on WikiAnswers?

Dimag se iska jawab do? 1/Ameer Ko_____Ki Zroorat Hoti Hai.! 2/Gharib K Paas____Hota Hai 3/Hum____Khaye To Mar Jayenge 3no m 1Hi Jawab Aayega.? Plz reply

Can English questions be answered on WikiAnswers?

I hope so. I just answered your question in English. ;-) Yes, they can be answered here.

Why is it that WikiAnswers never answers your questions?

There are just too many questions on WikiAnswers for every one to be answered. We try our best to get to every question, but sometimes there are just too many! WikiAnswers is now trying to recruit users to sift through the old question archives and try to answer some questions that have been unnoticed.

Is there a rulebook for answering questions on WikiAnswers?

We have Guidelines for answering questions. You can read them by going to the Related Links below. Generally, as long as you answer respectfully without calling people names and your answer is true and accurate, possibly backed up with some facts, things are fine. Things to avoid are debate, one-word answers, vandalizing and spamming (among some others). Spamming only gives Supervisors more to do because spam is removed so a proper answer can be given. Personal information like addresses and phone numbers are also not allowed, and neither are answers that tell how to perform illegal acts. Those are removed, too. For more information about spamming and vandalizing answers, please go to the Related Links.

Do you get experience for answering questions on WikiAnswers?

There is no such thing as an "experience point" on WikiAnswers, but you earn "contribution points" for each contribution you make WikiAnswers, such as answering a question or asking a question. You can also earn "trust points," when someone thinks you're a helpful or influential contributor and clicks on "Recommend contributor."

How do you find out when a question on WikiAnswers was answered?

Most people either bookmark their question, or follow the question. You can follow a question by clicking on the question and on the right in the blue drop-down box going half-way down the page, click 'follow'.

Why has my WikiAnswers question not been answered?

Maybe because no one has searched for your question, or you have not registered your email address with WikiAnswers and so even if it has been answered, it is impossible for you to know until you carry out a search for responses to the actual question that you asked. Getting an Answer to a Question After asking a question following a few guidelines such as putting the question in the appropriate category(s) can help to increase the likelihood that those that have knowledge or interest in that type of question will come across it. Questions that are extremely general in nature may not illicit a response as contributors might be confused as to what exactly the question asks which is one of the reasons a discussion area is provided for each question. Also some people have a tendency to put their question in the answer area or further explain the question in the answer area. This can potentially slow down receiving an answer because some contributors are on the lookout for just unanswered questions and may not see that your question is still in need of receiving a response. Supervisor's have the ability to feature questions. If you think your question is unique you can message a supervisor about featuring one of your questions. Perhaps one of the supervisors that handle the category that your question is in. There are possibly tens of thousands of questions that are asked in possibly thousands of categories on a daily basis. Some categories are frequented by more contributors than others. So the factors previously mentioned may have an impact on the speed of which your question gets an answer. Plus other factors may play a role such as if a question is something that is not as commonly known or may require extensive research before being able to be answered properly. There are possibly less specific ways of getting answers. There is a community forum that is setup for people to chat about this website as well as other topics. It may be possible to meet people with similar interests such as yourself or your question. Questions get answered by the generosity of those that lend their time and knowledge as you may have done for someone by sharing yours. Further information can be found at the Help center which is located to the left or by following the link below in the Related Links section.

Why are your questions never answered on WikiAnswers?

This has been asked many times before. The reason being is that there are over 18 million questions and just under 4 million contributors, of which only 10% are currently active. With the addition of newer and newer vandals every day, the Supervisors who would normally be contributing have to watch and expunge those vandals, leaving no time to answer your question. The main reason, however, is all in how you asked it. If you asked a complicated chemistry question, it might take months to answer. If you ask a simple elementary school math question, it may be answered on the spot or within a few days.

Do you get a reward for answering questions on WikiAnswers?

It depends what you mean by "reward." WikiAnswers is a community-based Q&A website. They look to their users to ask and answer questions. If you mean by just answering questions anytime, you can get the Premier Answerer badge if you answer quality answers, but that's about it. In a WikiAnswers AnswerThon, if you answer enough questions you can get a prize (individual prizes are listed for each individual AnswerThon). AnswerThons are announced on the orange banner on the WikiAnswers homepage. In addition, for many contributors of this site, the reward is knowing that you have helped out somebody else. Answering questions can help you learn new things.

Is WikiAnswers a robot answering questions?

Although there are some 'bots' that help out on WikiAnswers, the general population of contributors on WikiAnswers are human.

Are there questions that cannot be answered?

Yes, there are many questions that cannot be answered at this time. Including the questions that have bothered humankind for centuries, ie Is there a God/Life after Death/Other forms of Life in this Universe?, What is the cure for Cancer/Diabetes/etc?, What is the meaning of Life?, (No, the answer is not 42). No doubt at sometime in the future some of those questions will be answered, and some cures discovered. But for the moment, we must carry on regardless.

Why are your questions answered on WikiAnswers?

Your questions are answered on WikiAnswers because this is a question and answer site, and we feel like if you asked a question, you probably wanted an answer.

What questions can't be answered on WikiAnswers?

Questions that do not have enough information are questions on Wikianswers that are most likely not to get answered.

What do you get for answering questions on WikiAnswers?

Knowledge, a good feeling that you just helped someone, and the feeling of win that you answered it before someone else.

Why is there a question that has not been answered on WikiAnswers?

unfortunately, all of the questions in the whole world cannot be answered. you can answer them yourself, if you know what the answer is to them, if you become a member of wikianswers. Many questions are also repeats of older answered questions, if you find these you should request a question merge.

What can you do to ensure that your question is answered on WikiAnswers?

To help ensure that your question is answered be sure to put it in the correct category or subcategory. Also be sure to use proper spelling, and if you can be specific as possible.

How many questions and answers are on WikiAnswers?

There are millions of questions and answers on Answers.com! People ask and answer questions every second of everyday. Even if we gave a number, it would increase before we got this answer posted.

What is the best answered question on Wikianswers?

While there are many great answers, there is not a single best answered question on the site. Try viewing the Question of the Day on the homepage to see great answers.

Where can you search answered questions on WikiAnswers?

To search answered questions on WikiAnswers, click on the magnifying glass on the top right of any page. The search page will appear. Above the search box, click on "Answers" and type in the question or word(s) you want to search for. Click on "Search Answers." The search results will appear.

How do you know who answered the questions on WikiAnswers?

On each answer page - there are two pieces of information. One that tells you the name of the first person to post an answer - and one that states the name of the last person to edit the answer.

Why doesn't WikiAnswers have answers to questions?

WikiAnswers does have a lot of answers to questions... but a lot of questions are also unanswered. One thing to try is to ask your question in a little bit different way. Often, there is an already-answered question with a wording that is a little bit different. We try to merge those questions together so that people get answers, but it is a big job, and we are never caught up.

What is the point of answering questions on WikiAnswers?

For one thing, it is usually a lot of fun. You get to shareknowledge with others, and sometimes you learn things in surprisingways.