What are questions that don't provide enough information for WikiAnswers?

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That comes up all the time. People compose a question saying "Which of the following is not a cause of WW I?" (for example) yet they haven't listed anything following that question, and we who answer questions have no idea what they are talking about. Or the question is completely incoherent. "You are marble, in unexpected prehensile." It doesn't mean anything, therefore it can't be answered.
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Why don't WikiAnswers questions have dates for when they were asked and answered?

Answer . You can find all the dates related to the history of a question and its answers by clicking the History of Changes link on the left side when you are logged in..

Why don't people Google their questions instead of posting them on WikiAnswers?

Google has lots of information, and in many cases it has too much. Someone looking for an answer, particularly one that is based on experience, has a much better chance of fin

Why don't people answer logical questions on Wikianswers?

Because all the people that enter this site or join are those who don't want to be bothered with the research. If anyone is offended by my answer, please answer all those ques

Why don't more people answer questions on WikiAnswers?

There are many, many, many people that answer questions on WikiAnswers. The only reason why it seems that not very many people are answering questions is because there are que

Why do people ask questions that don't have enough information to be answered?

People generally do not think that others would not know what they are talking about if they use pronouns like you, them, it, etc. or do not provide all the information necess

What questions have enough information to be answered on WikiAnswers?

For a question to have enough information to be answered, the asker can't just assume someone knows what they mean. Be very specific. If you are asking about a specific person

What questions do not have enough information to be answered on Answers.com?

Questions such as "In the following diagram - which is the larger area" or "How long does it take to get from New York to San Francisco" - In the first question - it's obvious

Is WikiAnswers useful and don't say that my question doesn't have enough info?

Yes, WikiAnswers can be useful. It helped me learn how to replace the door handle on my car. It has helped me learn other things as well. I wouldn't say that it is always usef

Why don't you answer questions fast enough?

You have to remember - this is not a 'live' site(like a chatroom) - it's a forum - where peoplepost questions, and need to wait for someone toanswer them ! If you need a