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What are schools like in alaska?

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There schools are just like usa
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What are people in Anchorage Alaska like?

Like the U.S, what I call a mixing pot. Different cultures, and kinds of people. Some are nice, and friendly but you have those kind of people that are rude like anywhere els

What is the soil like in Alaska?

  Depends what part of Alaska one is speaking of, Alaska is a very large area. In most places the soil is rich and with plenty of sunlight in the growing seasons gardens d

What is the total public school enrollment for Alaska?

According to the Governing Sourcebook, public school enrollment for Alaska in 2006-2007 (the most recent school year for which information is available) was 132,841, which com

What is Alaska like?

Alaska is the most beautiful place you will ever go to. The winters can be terrible though. (I personally love them). The summers have a mixture of thematures. Some places hav

What does the Alaska state flag look like?

Alaska's state flag features the Big Dipper and the North Star set against a blue background. The stars' gold color is meant to be representative of the state's abundant miner
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What is is the Terrain like in Alaska?

The Alaskan Terrain is very rugged with either snow, ice or tundra  grass. The terrain usually has to be crossed by a dog sled or an  all-terrain vehicle as walking on foot