What are second and third order effects?

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Effects have causes; effects can, and usually do, become causes of another effect(s); and there can be a large number of cause and effect "chains" created based on a single causal event. Thus Cause1 yields Effect1; Effect1 becomes Cause2, which yields Effect2 (second order effect); and Effect2 becomes Cause3, which yields Effect3 (third order effect).
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If a black hole was to form in the second dimension what would happen to the second dimension and would it effect the third dimension hypothetically speaking?

assuming of course that something flat could have mass, which it might not be able to, then a black hole could form. it would suck in other objects, growing slowly in size. there would be an event horizon, singularity etc. however, although it would have a major effect on the 2nd dimension, in the 3 (MORE)

What is first second and third person?

The first person includes the pronouns "I" and "WE", the second person is the pronoun "YOU", and the third person stands for the pronouns "HE, SHE, IT, and THEY". This classification of persons is found in the English grammar.

How can you score from third but not from second?

The bases must be run in order -- 1st, then 2nd, then 3rd, then home. You score a run by touching each in succession. So if you are on 2nd -- you must proceed to 3rd before going to home plate.. To score from 2nd, you basically need a hit or a defensive error. But you can score from 3rd with a sac (MORE)

Are humans third order consumers?

Humans are third-order consumers for example: Grass à dragonfly à trout à human in the diagram it shows that humans are third-oder consumers.

What makes a reaction second order?

If the rate of the reaction depends upon both the reactants.. wrong! A second order reaction yields the rate proprontional to the square of the concentration. id est the concentration goes up by 2 : the rate goes up by 4 for the former to be correct, both reactants must be of the first order be (MORE)

What are third orders in the Catholic Church?

Third Orders are, in general, lay members of religious orders - men and women who do not necessarily live in community and yet can claim to wear the habit and participate in the good works of the order. The Third Orders can each be divided into (a) regulars - living in convents or monasteries, and ( (MORE)

First Second and Third Estates?

The Third Estate was the commons or the ordinary people, the First Estate being the clergy and the Second Estate the nobility .

Why third order reaction is not possible?

Third order reactions do happen, they are just rarer due to the likelihood of three molecules colliding at the same time and in the correct orientation. It is more likely when facilitated by enzymes or when the molecules are all the same.

What is the second degree of Holy Orders?

II: Deacons: The duties of the deacon are to handle the sacred vessels, to be of service to the priests and Bishops (inside and outside of the liturgy), to read the Epistle and Gospel at the Mass, to be general stewards, and to serve the widows and orphans. This Order is Sacramental, and the first (MORE)

Who is your third cousin and second cousin?

Your second cousin is the grandchild of one of your grandparent's brothers or sisters. Your third cousin is the great grandchild of one of your great grandparent's brothers or sisters.

What is two thirds to the second power?

2 squared divided by 3 squared ie 4/9\nin general, (a/b)^n = a^n/b^n .\nIn this case (2/3)^2=2^2/3^2=4/9\n. \nCheck: 2/3 = .667 squared = 0.444889; 4/9 =0.44444. Near enough!

What is third order neuron?

Third order neurons have cell bodies in the thalamus and they relay impulses to the somatosensory cortex of the cerebrum (there are no third-order neurons in the cerebellum)

What are first second and third cousins?

Your first cousin is the child of your aunt and uncle. (You have the same grandparent as your first cousin). Your second cousin is the grandchild of your great aunt and great uncle. (You have the same great grandparent as your second cousin.) Your third cousins is the great grandchild of your gr (MORE)

What is the word in spanish for second and third?

"Second" and "third" in Spanish are "segundo" and "tercero". You replace the O with an A if the noun following them is female. They are pronounced "se-GOON-do" and "tare-SARE-oh". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

What is a religious third order?

They are lay orders in which the members agree to wear the habit of an order (if it has one), participate in its good works, and sometimes take vows. They don't usually live in a community.

What is order of effectiveness?

At long last, the SEC has announced that it will issue effectiveness orders on registration statements electronically, rather than mailing the orders as is currently the SEC's practice, often several months after the fact. On May 22, 2006, the staffs of the Divisions of Corporation Finance and Inves (MORE)

What is the answer to the this is the first destination that is the second what is the third?

You have to say "the third destination is" then whatever object you want. For example, the person telling the riddle could say, the 1st destination is that rock, the 2nd destination is that tree, what is the 3rd destination? And you should reply, "The 3rd destination is, that (post)" - you can (MORE)

Where is the third-order neuron located?

The afferent pathways consist of three sets of neurons: first, second, and third order. First order neurons carry signals from receptors to either the brain stem or spinal cord. Second order neurons carry signals from the spinal cord and brain stem to the thalamus, they cross-over (decussate) to the (MORE)

What are third order consumers called?

I suppose they're called tertiary consumers. They are organisms that feed on the second order consumers (organisms that feed on first order consumers, which were mainly herbivores). For instance: An owl hunting and eating a snake.

What were Linkin Park's first second third songs in this order?

If you mean their first second and third songs on their first cd, Hybrid Theory, they are Papercut, One Step Closer, and With You. If you mean their first three singles, they were One Step Closer, Crawling, and Papercut. Papercut was not released in the United States, however. So their 3rd single in (MORE)

What is second order instrument?

A second order linear instrument has an output which is given by a non-homogeneous second order linear differential equation d 2 y(t)/dt 2 + 2. rho . omega .dy(t)/dt + omega 2 .y(t) = K. omega 2 .x(t),. where rho is a constant, called the damping factor of the instrument, and omega is a (MORE)

What is first person second and third?

First Person - "I am very hungry." You are referring to yourself as I or the narrator in a story is referring to him/her self. In video games it is the standard shooter view, where everything is in front of you as you would see it in everyday life. Second Person - "You are very hungry." The writer (MORE)

What is the second and third form of lie?

The verb lie means to rest or recline. The three forms of this verbare written below: lie (1st form) lay (2nd form) lain (3rd form) Lie has another meaning which is to present a false impression. Itsthree forms are written below: lie (1st form) lied (2nd form) lied (3rd form) These are often confuse (MORE)

Are humans second or third order heterotrophs?

Organisms such as humans are usually classified as secondary consumers, carnivores, 2nd order heterotrophs. However most humans are omnivores, meaning they can eat both meat and plants and may act as 1st(primary consumer), 2nd(secondary consumer), or 3rd(tertiary) level heterotrophs. What do the org (MORE)

Do stem changing verbs only effect first second and third person singular and third person plural when conjugating verbs in spanish?

In the Present Indicative (which is likely the tense you arethinking of), the answer is Yes. One example from each category(ar/er/ir): Pensar: pienso, piensas, piensa, pensamos, pensáis, piensan Encender: enciendo, enciendes, enciende, encendemos, encendéis,encienden Servir: siervo, sierves, (MORE)

How do you say the order of kin such as first cousin second cousin third cousin fourth cousin fifth cousin?

The number before the word cousin has to do with how many generations back you and that person have a common ancestor. A first cousin is someone who shares a common grandparent, but not a common parent. A second cousin is someone who shares a common great grandparent, but not a common grandparent or (MORE)

What is newtons second and third laws?

Newton's Second law is: F=ma Force is the product of mass times acceleration. Newton's Third law is : At Equilibrium Condition, For every Action there is an equal and opposite Re-Action.

What are third and second cousins?

As you probably know, your first cousin, usually simply calledcousin, is a child of a brother or sister of one of your parents.Well, your second cousin is a grandchild of a brother or sister ofone of your grandparents, and your third cousin is agreat-grandchild of a brother or sister of one of yourg (MORE)

Who is the second and third citizens of India?

In most democratic states (including India) all citizens are equal,in that they have the same rite to vote and have the same ritesunder the law. Therefore there should be NO second or thirdcitizens in India.