What are similarities between flowers and weeds?

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A weed is a plant that is not wanted. Some plants in a certain climate are considered Flowers and in other climates are considered weeds.
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What is the difference between a weed and a flower?

a weed is simply a plant that grows where it isn't wanted. the most charming rose bush is a weed if it grows in the middle of a tomato field and a tomato will be a weed if it

What are the similarities and differences between cones and flowers?

Small pollen cones produce haploid microspores which develop into a pollen grain containing the male gametophyte. Large ovulate cones produce haploid megaspores which develop

What are the similarities between seeds and flowers of a dicot and monocot?

They both belong to the Division Angiospermae (flowering plants). They both have pretty much the same floral parts (as well as seed characterisitics), althrough there are noti
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How is a flower similar to a weed?

There is no difference between a "weed" and a "flower" except Human viewpoint. Humans like to change and arrange things and we regard "flowers" as plants we want to have in a
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What is a similar and different between tree and flower?

there different in spelling and the number of letters used. A tree is tall but a flower is small. A tree may take years to grow but a flower only takes a few weeks or months.