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What are some Celtic words for bakery?

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Scottish Gaelic: taigh-fuine or taigh-fuinn

Irish Gaelic: bácús

Welsh: popty
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How many syllables are in the word bakery?

There are three syllables in "bakery" (BAY-kurr-ee), but in common use these are slurred (like many "r" words) into only two (BAY-kree). On the other hand, many authorities

What are some Celtic words for 'good night'?

The Celtic language with the most speakers as their mother tongue is Welsh so I will assume you are asking to say it in Welsh - "Nos da". In the other Celtic languages it is "

What is a bakery?

a baker is a person who bakes cakes, cupcake. A bakery is a place that makes and sells baked goods such as  muffins or bread.

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What are some good bakeries in Cleveland?

I don't go to many bakeries but the best one I've been to is Unger's Bakery on Taylor road in Cleveland heights. they make the best doughnuts I've ever had. enjoy Baker Babes