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What are some GTA Vice City game passwords?

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For a large list of cheats codes and passwords for GTA: Vice City, check out the link below.
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Gta vice city free demo game download?

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How do you get a aircraft in GTA Vice City?

Go to the airport and go to one of the runways and there will be a old fashioned plane.take it and fly

How do you get jetty in gta vice city?

you can't but you can get the sea plane once you purchase the film studio and do a mission. You can get a cop helecopter or a maverick. the maverick is at a safe house on the

How do you finish gta vice city?

complete all the missions and do all the races and stuff. if your stuck look up a walkthrough or if you dont want to do it properly use cheats

How do you walk in gta vice city?

if you have PC you cant if your using a console push the analog stick slightly

How do you get a bot in GTA Vice City?

it is easy,when you completed the mission "shakedown" at vercitti mansion ,go to the place where you steal the fastest boat,most IMPORTENT,you must buy the dock ,then,you go s

How do you get a plane in GTA vice city?

you can find it on airport but can't drive it why don't you make your car or boat plane. yes your car and boat can fly. there are cheats: to fly a car: comeflywithme to fly a