What are some GTA Vice City game passwords?

What are some GTA Vice City game passwords?
For a large list of cheats codes and passwords for GTA: Vice City, check out the link below.
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How do you download GTA Vice City full game?

This is illegal, if you're getting it for free. Check out http://rockstargames.com or a store.. like Wal-Mart. The game's only like $10 - $20.   but you should check out y (MORE)

Where to find helicopter in gta vice city game?

far end of the second city, near a small safehouse. walk past the safeouse shack, you come to an edge where u jump down and walk across the street where u will find a staircas (MORE)
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How do you get jetty in gta vice city?

you can't but you can get the sea plane once you purchase the film studio and do a mission. You can get a cop helecopter or a maverick. the maverick is at a safe house on the (MORE)