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What are some GTA Vice City game passwords?

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For a large list of cheats codes and passwords for GTA: Vice City, check out the link below.
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How do you download GTA Vice City full game?

This is illegal, if you're getting it for free. Check out http://rockstargames.com or a store.. like Wal-Mart. The game's only like $10 - $20.   but you should check out (MORE)

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Where to find helicopter in gta vice city game?

far end of the second city, near a small safehouse. walk past the safeouse shack, you come to an edge where u jump down and walk across the street where u will find a staircas (MORE)

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How do you get in your house in gta vice city?

First off the other answer that said that you cant was not true. Here is what you do you set your target on the map by pressing X to zoom in and SQUARE on the safe house. you (MORE)

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How do you get an airplane in GTA Vice City?

You get an amblience from the hospital in little havana and go to the airport in escobar international. Then you go to the runway in the back and park on the inside edge of th (MORE)

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Gta vice city cheat?

   MIAMITRAFFIC   Aggressive Drivers  /    THUGTOOLS   All "light weapon"  /    NUTTERTOOLS   All heavy weapons  /    PROFESSIONALTOOLS (MORE)