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What are some GTA Vice City game passwords?

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For a large list of cheats codes and passwords for GTA: Vice City, check out the link below.
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Where you can download gta vice city game?

Downloading pirated copies of video games is an illegal things and hence notrecommended. You can download the game from developer’s website after acquiringlicense. You can a

How do you use passwords in gta vice city?

Those are not passwords.Those things are called cheat codes.You can type the cheat codes during the game play.using cheat codes you can do many things like increase health hav

Gta vice city game passwords to open cars?

All the cars are already unlocked in the game. Some cars maybe locked during specific missions or tanks that come after you when you havegained full police attention may be lo

GTA vice city game online?

GTA vice city is an offline game and multiplayer online game is notavailable. You may find them on internet but they are mostly somesimple shooting flash games.