What are some Snacks that begin with the letter P?

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peanut butter
potato chips
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What are some bands that begin with the letter P?

\n. \nPantera, Panther Burns, Pickety Witch, Poison, Pop Group, Pop Will Eat Itself, the Puddle, Pogues, Public Image Limited, Public Enemy Pin Group, psychedelic Furs, Parliament, Poco, Portishead, Police, Procul Harum, Pseudo Echo, Paper Lace, Primus, Pacifier, Panic at the Disco, Pussycat (MORE)

What are some things that begin with the letter P?

a pencil or a piece of paper begins with p and they both are things. plop pig pancake people pansy page phrase peas pies pile panther purple pee peacocks puppies pink pencil pen pin penny pasty pappy purple play penny pictue pizza

What are some snacks that begin with the letter H?

Haystacks are a fun snack that starts with the letter "H" . I don't have the exact recipe but they have chow mein noodles, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and peanuts. Another great "H" snack is honeydew melon. Hope this helps!!

What are some sports that begin with the letter P?

polo pickleball pingpong Polo Ping pong Ping Pong, Polo, Pogo pool polo Two that I know of are Polo and Pentathlon Polo Ping-pong, paintball, pool, paralympics, polo. · paddle tennis · paintball · paragliding · parallel bars gymnastics · pentathlon · pickelball · (MORE)

What are some colors that begin with the letter P?

Pacific Blue . Palatinate Purple . Pale . Pastel . Peach . Pear . Periwinkle . Persian Blue . Persian Indigo . Pine Green . Platinum . Plum . Prussian Blue . Psychedelic Purple . Pumpkin . Purple . Pink . Puce (Brownish Purple) . Powder Blue . Purple Pizazz . Purple Mountain's Ma (MORE)

What are some jobs that begin with the letter P?

Some jobs that begin with the letter P are: Packager Packer Padre paediatrician painter palaeontologist- a person who studies rocks and things from the past Paleographer Paleontologist palm reader pancake maker, Paperhanger Parachute Rigger paralegal parametic Paratroo (MORE)

What are some verbs that begin with the letter P?

Some verbs beginning with P: . Parted . Pasted . Pause . Peddle . Perform . Pester . Picked . Pined . Planned . Poached . Poisoned . Punched . Purger . pack . paddle . paint . park . part . participate . pass . paste . pat . pay . pedal . peel . perceive . (MORE)

What are some flowers that begin with the letter P?

Some flowers that begin with the letter "p" are: Pansy Passion flower Peony Peruvian lily Petunia Phlox Pincushion protea Plumed thistle Poinsettias Polyantha Roses Polynthus Poppies Prairie gentian Prince of Wales feather Prunus (flowering cherry) Petunias, Poppies, Primroses,So (MORE)

What are some words that begin with the letter P?

Some words that begin the letter P: . Pace . Pack . Package . Packaged . Paddle . Page . Paint . Pale . Palm . Pan . Pancake . Panda . Pane . Panel . Papa . Paragraph . Parasol . Pare . Parent . Park . Parked . Parking . Parliament . Parrot . Party . Passion . Paste . P (MORE)

What are some fruits that begin with the letter P?

Some fruits beginning with the letter P: . Papaya . Passion fruit . Pawpaw . Peach . Pear . Pepper . Pequi . Persimmon . Pewa . Pineapple . Pitahaya . Pitomba . Plantain . Plum . Pluots . Podocarpus . Poha . Pois Doux . Pomcite . Pomegranate . Pomelo . Pomerac . Pommecythere (MORE)

What are some candies that begin with the letter P?

Pay Day . Peanut butter bars . Peanut butter cups . Peanut butter M&M's . Peanut M&M's . Pecan chews . Pecan log rolls . Peppermint candy . Pez candy . Pixie Stix . Plain M&M's . Planters Peanut bar . Pop rocks . Push pops

What are some vegetables that begin with the letter P?

Vegetables that begin with the letter P are: . Parsley . Parsnips . Peach . Pearl onion . Peas (Pease) . Peppers . Pimento . Plum Purple Radish . Pole Beans . Porret . Potato . Prairie turnip . Pratie . Pulses . Pumpkin . Purple radish

What are some cities that begin with the letter P?

Philadelphia, PA. Pittsburg, PA. Panama City, FL. Palm Bay, FL. Pensacola, FL. Petoskey, MI. Pullman, WA. Port Angeles, WA. Portland, OR. Pocatello, ID. Porterville, CA. Petaluma, CA. Phoenix, AZ. Prescott, AZ. Pueblo, CO. Pecos, TX. Perryton, TX. Pine Bluff, AR. (MORE)

What are some vehicles that begin with the letter P?

Pontiac Answer Plane, parachute, paraglider, hope these help Answer Porsche, Plymouth, Purgeot, Answer Porsche is a vehicle starting with 'P' Peugeot Toyota PRIUS ,dodge PROWLER ,Honda PRELUDE . Passat, Porsche pontiac manufactures, pontiac, proton, peugeot (MORE)

What are some birds that begin with the letter P?

Birds beginning with P: . Palila . Palmchat . Parakeet . Parrot . Partridge . Peacock . Peafowl . Peahen . Peewit . Pelican . Penguin . Peregrine falcon . Petrel . Pewit . Phalarope . Pheasant . Phoenix . Pied wagtail . Pigeon . Piper . Pitta . Plover . Potoo . Prairie ch (MORE)

What are snacks that begin with the letter I?

Snacks that begin with the letter I: ice cream ice cream cone ice cream sundae ice cream soda ice cream sandwich ice cream cake ice cream bar iced cake iced cupcakes iced cookies iced doughnuts iced brownies iced turnovers iceberg lettuce (?)

What are some rivers that begin with the letter P?

· Pecos (United States) · Piave (Italy) · Pineios (Greece) · Pioneer River (Australia) · Platte (Nebraska) · Po (Italy) · Potomac (United States) · Purus (Brazil, a tributary of the Amazon) * Pend Oreille - United States* Pitt - Canada* Peace - Canada* Patuca (MORE)

What are snacks that begin with the letter j?

Snacks that begin with J: Jam on toast jelly with peanut butter jelly beans ju ju bees jacks (cracker) jacks (apple) jambalaya (leftover) junior mints jasmine tea jelly doughnut jam tart juice smoothie jum jills (and very good they are)

What are some rodents that begin with the letter P?

The Paraguaian hairy dwarf porcupineis a porcupine species in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.The plains viscacha is a species of Chinchilla rodent in Argentina,Bolivia, and Paraguay. Peruvian bamboo rat is a species of rodentin Bolivia and Peru.

What are some adjectives that begin with the letter P?

Adjectives that begin with P: . packed . padded . painful . painless . painstaking . painted . palatable . pale . palliative . pallid . paltry . panicky . panoramic . paper . papery . parallel . paramount . paranoid . paranormal . paraplegic . parasitic . parched . parsimon (MORE)

What is an snack that begins with a?

Snacks starting with A: apple almonds apricot avocado antipasto Alpha-bits (right out of the box) American cheese slice Armenian string cheese Angel cake Anise cookies

What are some nouns that begin with the letter P?

Some nouns that start with the letter P are: . Pacific Ocean . package . page . pager . pail . pain . paint . pair . palm . pan . pancake . panda . pansy . panther . pants . papaya . paper . paperweight . paradise . parakeet . paralysis . parcel . pardon . parent . parenthe (MORE)

What are some qualities that begin with the letter P?

painful, painted, palatable, palliative, pallid, parallel, parental, parochial, partial, passe, passionate, pasteurized, pastoral, patched, pathetic, patient, patriotic, peaceful, peculiar, pedantic, peerless, pending, penitent, pensive, peremptory, periodic, peripatetic, perishable, permanent, pern (MORE)

What are some mountains that begin with the letter P?

· Pamir Mountains (central Asia) · Panmah Muztagh Range (Pakistan) · Pensacola Mountains (Antarctica) · Pare Mountains (Tanzania) · Pelly Mountains (Yukon) · Pennine Alps (Italy, Switzerland) · Phillip Smith Mountains (Alaska) · Picketpost Mountain (Arizona) (MORE)

What are some snacks that start with the letter U?

I just found this one and am out to get it for my daughter's kindergarten class...easy easy to boot! Pudding in snack cups (they suggested vanilla flavor, could even layer or be creative on this...), topped with crushed graham crackers, then topped with a paper umbrella -- underneath the umbrella is (MORE)

What are some careers that begin with the letter P?

· Parachute Packer · Piano Player · Parcel Post Clerk · Parish Priest · Peanut Picker · Portrait Photographer · Potato Peeler · Professional Pool Player · Poultry Packer · Production Planner · Power Plant Operator · Plant Protection Guard (MORE)

What are some glaciers that begin with the letter P?

Penck Glacier (Tanzania); Pine Island Glacier, Polar Times Glacier, Priestley Glacier (Antarctica); Panchchuli Glacier, Pindari Glacier (India); Panmar Glacier, Passu Glacier (Pakistan); Pasterze Glacier (Austria); Platigliole Glacier, Praz-SecGlacier, Presena Glacier (Italy); Peyto Glacier, Pembert (MORE)

What are some peoples that begin with the letter P?

· Pamela Anderson (actress) · Pancho Villa (Mexican revolutionary leader) · Pat Summit (basketball coach) · Paul Harvey (radio personality) · Paul Hornung (football) · Paul Newman (actor) · Paul Warfield (football) · Pat Boone (singer) · Patsy Cline (sin (MORE)

What are some snacks that begin with the letter S?

Snacks that start with the letter s: . sandwich . smoothie . Snickers candy bar . strawberries Strawberries, star fruit, saltines, sliced squash , sweet potatochips, salami and sourdough mini sandwiches, sugar cookies,Skittles, Smarties, Snickers and Skittles

What are some proverbs that begin with the letter p?

Penny wise, pound foolish. • Pigs grow fat where lambs would starve. • Plaster thick, some will stick. • Practice makes perfect. • Practice thrift or else you'll drift . • Praise makes good men better and bad men worse. • Presents keep friendships war (MORE)

What are some acronyms that begin with the letter P?

An acronym is a word or name that is abbreviated or shortened. Some acronyms beginning with the letter P: . PA: . Parental Advisory . Personal Assistant . Physician Assistant . Public Affair PHD: . Philosophy Doctor PI: . Private Investigator PIN: . Parent Is Near ( (MORE)