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What are some advantages and disadvantages of selective breeding in animals?

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well some times they come out with deformities not bad ones but there are some risks the advantages is that they come out looking better than ever
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What is mass selection in animal breeding?

Mass selection in animal breeding is when certain animals are  chosen for certain desirable traits to pass on. Once those animals  are obtained, they are bred to control wha

What are disadvantages and advantages of selective logging?

Advantages: It only cuts down the valuable trees that are needed meaning it leaves a larger range of biodiversity. Disadvantages: Selective logging can harm the trees surrou

What are advantages and disadvantages of selective distribution?

Various advantages of selective distribution include reduced costs,  increased market coverage, and better control over sales.  Disadvantages may include that it does not co

What are the advantages and disadvantages of selective breeding?

disadvantage: selective breeding gets rid of variety advantage: selective breeding rules out weakness and disability disadvantage: isn't that what Hitler tried to do with

What are the Advantages and Disadvantage of Captive Breeding?

1 answer is the animals that are in captive breeding cannot be harmed by forest fires, flooding or other species of animals Answer 2: animals are protected in an in - built

Advantages of selective breeding?

An advantage of selective breeding is that producers can produce cows or bulls with characteristics that improve the breed or the herd itself, or produce more income for the p

What are the advantages and disadvantages of selective tendering?

Selective tendering has a low cost for production of tender documents since there is a small list of selected firms to tender. Price will be the main determinant for selection

Advantages and disadvantages of selective breeding?

advantages:   we get more breeds and more animals/plants easier  people can make more more   Disadvantages   the animals/plants can have genetic diseases  It is har

What is selection index in animal breeding?

The selection index is where you have to score your selected animal you are going to breed. You first choose 5 or 6 criteria which is important to you such as good temperament

Disadvantages of selective breeding?

If it is an animal, it would be unfair to the animal, it could cause genetic problems and the animal could get sick easier. If it's a plant, it could cause environmental probl

What is advantages of animal breeding?

There are many advantages but I will keep this short 1. For quantaty: to breed animals for foods in large amounts 2. For selective breeding: to improve certain qualities in br

What are the advantages of selective breeding?

Selective breeding helps to rule out weakness and disability in animals and helps make farming more lucrative for farmers by providing more robust animals for sale. Corn woul

What are the advantages and disadvantages of natural selection?

  Advantages:   * determines the fitness of an organism by direct application.  * employs a wide range of criteria  * provides for opportunism   Disadvantages: