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What are some advantages and disadvantages of selective breeding in animals?

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well some times they come out with deformities not bad ones but there are some risks the advantages is that they come out looking better than ever
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of selective breeding?

disadvantage: selective breeding gets rid of variety advantage: selective breeding rules out weakness and disability disadvantage: isn't that what Hitler tried to do with

Advantages of selective breeding?

An advantage of selective breeding is that producers can produce cows or bulls with characteristics that improve the breed or the herd itself, or produce more income for the p

What are the Advantages and Disadvantage of Captive Breeding?

1 answer is the animals that are in captive breeding cannot be harmed by forest fires, flooding or other species of animals Answer 2: animals are protected in an in - built

What animals do you selectively breed in Britain?

This probably isn't one of the best answers ever but animals like cattle (cows) are selectively bred so that the consumers can find what they want. Say for example a farmer br

What is the advantage of selective breeding in animals?

  I don't breed animals myself but I have researched this topic.   Selective breeding is used to obtain desired traits in the offspring. This technique has been practis

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cosmetic testing on animals?

the advantages of cosmetic testing on animals well i do know really but there are lots of disadvantages which is it is HORRIBLE TO ANIMALS AND IT ALSO KNOWN AS ANIMAL CRUELTY

Advantages and disadvantages of Animal power?

The advantage of animal power is that animals are much stronger  than man. The disadvantage is that they require care like feeding  and veterinary care that can be expensive
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What are advantages and disadvantages of selective distribution?

Various advantages of selective distribution include reduced costs,  increased market coverage, and better control over sales.  Disadvantages may include that it does not co